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February 2024
Embracing Nature-Inspired Design in the Workplace: A Shift Towards Light and Life

Embracing Nature-Inspired Design in the Workplace: A Shift Towards Light and Life

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, we've observed a transformative trend that redefines commercial interior design: Nature-Inspired Design. This approach, valuing natural light and outdoor views, is not merely an aesthetic choice; it's a strategic. . .


April 2023
Retail Lighting Ideas to Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Experience

Retail Lighting Ideas to Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Experience

Light Up Your Retail Space With Interior Lighting Design Highlight Product Displays with Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is a powerful tool to draw attention to specific areas or products in your store. Use focused spotlights or track. . .


December 2022

Keep The Winter Nights At Bay With Bright Interior Lighting

How To Use Interior Lighting For Better Winter Nights Optimize Natural Light One of the best ways to feel energetic throughout the day is to be surrounded by natural light. You can achieve this by installing large windows and by painting your. . .


April 2022
FML - Blog - The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

Lighting 101: The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

The 4 Main Types Of Lighting 1. Ambient Lighting This is the base layer of lighting that comes from the main light of a room, such as a ceiling light or chandelier. This type of lighting is used to flood the room with uniform levels of light,. . .


February 2022
FML - Blog - Light It Up - The Benefits of Lighted Signs For Your Business

Light It Up! The Benefits of Lighted Signs For Your Business.

Lighted Signs: How They Improve Your Business Always Visible. What puts lighted signs above other types of signage is how eye-catching it is at all times. This is especially helpful during the Calgary winters when it becomes dark early in the. . .


January 2022
Fight The Winter Blues With LED Lighting | Calgary Lighting Experts

Don't be SAD! Fight The Winter Blues With LED Lighting.

New research has shown that there are some steps a person can take to combat SAD, one of which is the installation of LED lights in the home, which offer two main benefits for sufferers of SAD and for those who tend to feel down this time of. . .


December 2021
The Importance Of Lighting Maintenance | Calgary Lighting Experts

Let There Be Light: The Importance Of Lighting Maintenance

Repeated repair expenses due to a lack of planning will cost you more money than getting all needed maintenance done at one time. Do your company a favour and create a lighting maintenance program with a certified electrical company. Reasons To. . .


September 2021
Fluorescent Man Lighting | Blog | Benefits Of LED Lighting In Learning Environments

Benefits Of LED Lighting In Learning Environments

Improved Performance Students perform best in a learning environment where natural light is available or simulated. White and blue light, which can be made prominent in LED lighting, have been found to improve concentration and boost productivity. . . .


July 2021
Fluorescent Man Lighting & Electrical | Interior Lighting

How A Lighting Designer Can Transform And Improve Your Interior Space

What Do Professional Lighting Consultants Do? A lighting designer will accentuate the most important features in your space suggesting which elements require more lighting than others and will ensure the right products are installed correctly. . . .


June 2021
Fluorescent Man-Retrofits

LED Retrofits And Unique Customizations For Your Home

Gone are the days of extremely high utility bills and frequently required lighting maintenance. Technology advancements have improved, allowing for an affordable LED lighting alternative. LED lights have grown in popularity because of their. . .


February 2021
Commercial Electrician Calgary | Fluorescent Man Lighting Ltd.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Lighting

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your commercial space or home office? Here are some of the benefits of taking this important step and how our licensed electricians in Calgary can help you create a beautiful and productive. . .


January 2021
Residential Electrician Calgary | Fluorescent Man Lighting Ltd.

Top Lighting Trends of 2021 You Need to Know About

Do you want to upgrade the lighting in your home this upcoming year? Here are some of the top lighting trends in 2021 and how our licensed and knowledgeable Calgary electricians can safely and quickly meet all your lighting needs. When choosing. . .


June 2020
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4 Interior Lighting Design Tips to Boost Your Home’s Value Fast

Are you looking for a simple and cost-effective way to boost the interior value of your Calgary home? Our highly trained residential electricians offer comprehensive lighting services, including repair, design, and installation to meet all your. . .


December 2018
Calgary home lighting

Top 3 Home Lighting Trends For 2019

Are you looking to upgrade your interior lighting this new year? From residential electrical repairs to installations, our team has the expertise and tools to suit all your individual lighting needs.   When it comes to choosing the decor for. . .


Electrical Companies Calgary, lighting installation

3 Lighting Tips For Holiday Home Safety

Are you gearing up to decorate your home for the holiday season? Protect your loved ones and keep them safe by following these simple lighting tips from our Calgary electrical company. Whether you’re putting up a tree or an elaborate lighting. . .


November 2018
Interior Lighting Design

6 Ways to Update Your Home Lighting This Winter

Are you looking to chase away the winter blues? Follow these simple and easy interior lighting design tips to keep your home bright and warm throughout the cold season.   Whether you’re doing it because your fixtures are old, or you want to. . .


April 2018
Electricians Calgary

I'm Renovating My Home - Do I Need To Update My Lighting?

Lighting significantly enhances and interacts with the furniture and decor of your room. That's why if you're renovating, you should consider updating your lighting.   When we think of renovating, we often think of refinishing. . .


February 2018
Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electric Calgary DIY Tips on Fixing a Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

DIY Tips on Fixing a Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

Do you have an old fluorescent light bulb that's no longer working? Here are some simple safety tips on how to remove your fluorescent lighting products safely. Fluorescent lighting has often been associated with the stigma of being a. . .


December 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Calgary Keep Your Lighting Maintenance Procedures Up-To-Date

Keep Your Lighting Maintenance Procedures Up-To-Date

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” might be a popular adage, but it’s definitely not one that you should apply to your commercial lighting system. Taking a proactive, preventive approach to lighting maintenance can save costs and keep your. . .


Fluorescent Man Lighting Calgary Choosing Interior Lighting For Calgary Children's Spaces

Boost Kids' Concentration and Creativity With The Help Of Our Calgary Lighting Team

We’ve all seen outdated daycare decor in daycares, rec centres, and community centres. We all know that this doesn’t make for a fun environment, but did you know that bland lighting can also have a negative effect on children’s learning and. . .


Fluorescent Man Lighting Calgary Beautify Your Home With Calgary Lighting Design

Beautify Your Home With Calgary Lighting Design

When you’re decorating a new home, sometimes lighting can be the last thing that comes to mind. However, as we’ve noted in many of our previous posts, lighting has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room. When you can. . .


November 2017
Florescent Man Lighting Calgary Holiday Lighting Safety: 9 Tips For Homes and Businesses

Holiday Lighting Safety: 9 Tips For Homes and Businesses

Looking forward to decorating your home this holiday season? Avoid injuries and stay safe with these simple tips from our Calgary lighting company. Decorating your home for the holidays is a fun and exciting activity that gets the entire family. . .


October 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Warehouse Lighting  How to Buy The Right Lighting Parts For Your Warehouse

How to Buy The Right Lighting Parts For Your Warehouse

Are you looking to buy new industrial lighting parts? Here are five things you need to consider first.   While choosing the right lighting parts and fixtures for your industrial environment might seem like an overwhelming task, taking the time. . .


September 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Dont Forget About Indirect Lighting

4 Tips to Design The Perfect Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting design has a significant effect on atmosphere, and is a key component of ambient lighting. Without the right ambient lighting, a room lit only by direct and “task” lighting may seem stark, spartan, or unwelcoming. What Is. . .


Fluorescent Man Lighting Interior Lighting Design

Industrial Pendant Lights For Your Home

Add a little edge to your interior lighting design with this surprisingly versatile and always statement-making feature. If you’re looking for information on pendant lighting for industrial facilities and, check out this post. What Is An. . .


August 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting outdoors lights too much light

Calgary Exterior Lighting: How Much Light Is Too Much Light

Our experienced Calgary lighting consultants explain lighting trespass and light pollution, as well as how to avoid them. Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Lighting? Anyone who has ever walked down a dimly lit road or attended an evening. . .


July 2017
Calgary Industrial Lighting Industrial Lighting: Dos and Don'ts

Industrial Lighting: Dos and Don

Industrial facilities and commercial spaces require adequate lighting for safety, productivity, and employee comfort. Check out this post for a few key dos and don'ts.   Dos These tips can help you acheive a safe and productive work. . .


June 2017
Calgary Commercial Lighting A Lighting Consultation Helps You Choose The Right Lighting Products For Your Business

A Lighting Consultation Helps You Choose The Right Lighting Products For Your Business

In previous blog posts, we’ve covered numerous reasons why lighting is key to keeping your location safe, increasing traffic, and boosting awareness of your brand. However, for a busy business owner, completing these tasks on your own can be. . .


Calgary Commercial Lighting Calgary Commercial Lighting: Boost Business With The Right Lighting Setup

Calgary Commercial Lighting: Boost Business With The Right Lighting Setup

The right lighting can draw customers to your store, impact the way they see your products or feel about your location, and even affect their shopping habits. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your Calgary commercial lighting is up to. . .


April 2017
Calgary Residential Lighting Repairs

3 Common Lighting Problems in Every Household

Need a fast & efficient residential lighting repair? Our affordable & quick Calgary handyman services can help! Lighting is one of the most important things to get right in your home. Efficient and well-designed lighting products can not only. . .


March 2017
calgary parking lot lighting The Importance of Lighting In Parking Lots

The Importance of Lighting In Parking Lots

Did you know, your parking lot lighting can impact your sales? Does Your Parking Lot Have Adequate Lighting? Landlords, property managers, and business owners devote time, attention, and resources to the look of the interior and exterior of. . .


commercial lighting styles in calgary

Calgary Commercial Lighting: Design and Style Options

Last month we blogged about the importance of effective lighting in commercial spaces. If that information inspired you to start considering renovating your lighting setup, the next step should involve research on the best options, which can include. . .


February 2017
calgary commercial bay lights

Calgary Lighting Installation | High Bay and Low Bay Lighting

Bay Lighting: The Overview Bay lights are a popular lighting solution used in industrial or commercial buildings. At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our team can tell you everything you need to know about the differences between high bay and low bay. . .


calgary commercial lighting

Calgary Interior Lighting

Lighting can have a significant impact on mood, productivity, and even safety. Redecorating or repainting a room might be a go-to idea when a space seems to be getting stale, but rethinking your Calgary interior lighting setup might have better. . .


Calgary Commercial Lighting

How to Use Lighting to Optimize Your Commercial Space

Lighting can have a significant impact on mood, productivity, and even safety.  Redecorating or repainting a room might be a go-to idea when a space seems to be getting stale, but rethinking your Calgary interior lighting setup might have better. . .


October 2016
Calgary Interior Lighting

Calgary Interior Lighting: FAQs about LED Lighting

Why make the switch to LED lights? “LED”, or Light Emitting Diode, is a popular choice for lighting due to their long-lasting, energy-efficient nature, and a wide variety of color combinations. LED lights can be used indoors or outdoors, in. . .


Calgary Interior Lighting

Creative Ways to Use LED Lights for Indoor Lighting

LED lighting is energy efficient, which can save you time on lighting maintenance projects such as bulb replacements. However, LED lights are more than just an interior lighting option designed to reduce energy use. This post outlines several unique. . .


September 2016
Calgary Lighting Specialists

How Lighting Can Affect The Appearance And Atmosphere Of A Room

When decorating your home, it is important to consider how both interior and exterior lighting can directly and indirectly affect the atmosphere of the room or living space. This post provides an overview of the impact of lighting on the atmosphere. . .


August 2016
Calgary Ceiling Light Fixtures

Choosing the Right Ceiling Light For Your Home

Lighting changes everything and the position of that particular light source is a key player in creating the right ambiance in your home. Most people don’t understand how much lighting can affect their perception and feelings towards things. . . .


July 2016
Calgary Flickering Lights

Is It Time To Call For Help?

Over time, your home can experience natural lighting failures such as unexpected dimming or bulbs that repeatedly burn out. Today’s blog will explore another common, yet potentially dangerous, home lighting emergency: flickering lights. It may. . .



Interior Lighting Design & Installation

Picture the last room you were in that left a great impression on you. You can see the furnishings, the wall colours, and if you remember carefully, the lighting. In fact, if you think about it, installing the right interior lighting design can. . .


June 2016

How to Build a Home Theatre

In our previous blog post, we looked at 3 important reasons to hire a professional for your home theatre installation. The right expert can actually save you significant time and headache, helping you build a home theatre that suits your space and. . .



Calgary Home Theatre Installation

You’ve got a vision for your home: a state‐of‐the‐art home theatre that’s so advanced, you don’t need to go the movies anymore.  Or maybe you just SIMPLY want to mount your 55 inch TV on your mantle with a Bose soundbar, Wireless. . .


March 2016
calgary interior lighting

Choosing The Right Ceiling Light For Your Home

Lighting changes everything and the position of that light is a key player in creating the right ambience to set the mood. Most people don’t understand how much lighting can affect their perception and feelings towards things. For example, white. . .


February 2016
monthly lighting maintenance

Fluorescent Man Lighting Offers On Call and Monthly Maintenance

Lighting plays an important role in every work place. Ensuring your employees are able to see what they are working on helps reduce errors as well as eye strain. If your business includes a retail environment than ensuring your sales floor and. . .


Calgary Lighting Solutions

Improving Workplace Safety with Lighting

Workplace safety is everyone’s concern, from front line employees to the president of the company. Keeping you, your co-workers and your customers safe means identifying safety concerns before they become hazardous. Ensuring your place of work has. . .


January 2016
Positive Experience Lighting Calgary

Fostering a Positive Customer Experience Using Lighting

Your customer’s journey through the retail space depends heavily on lighting. Proper lighting is not only functional but also helps set the tone of your store, which affects the customer’s mood. Lighting is also important for highlighting new or. . .


Better Lighting Calgary

Improve your Bottom Line with Better Lighting

Though lighting is vital to productivity, in a retail or warehouse setting it is often overlooked. Adequate lighting is integral to preserving your bottom line and keeping your entire operation running smoothly and efficiently from the warehouse to. . .


December 2015
Office Lighting Calgary

Proper Lighting Design Can Be a Worthwhile Investment

Lighting is what can make or break a space, so good lighting is a worthwhile investment for any business. Lighting defines how we experience space, not just how we enhance it. Good lighting is worth investing in for 3 reasons: Good lighting. . .


Office Lighting Calgary

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade the Lighting in Your Workplace

Lighting sets the tone of the entire office, and can drastically influence how employees and clients feel in the space. Proper office lighting is essential to a productive office, and offers employees many psychological and physical benefits. An. . .


Retail Lighting Fixtures

Effective Use of Lighting in Retail Spaces

Effective use of lighting is integral to the retail experience. Lighting is a powerful tool that sets the mood of the store, and can be used to draw attention to highlighted products. There are four main types of lighting that are used in a retail. . .


November 2015
Restaurant Lighting Calgary

Proper Restaurant Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in any environment and restaurants are no exception. Lighting is an integral part of setting the mood and should not be overlooked. Here are a few things to consider when you are choosing the lighting for your. . .


Retail Lighting Solutions Calgary

The Effects of Good Lighting Solutions on Retail Sales

Lighting plays a very important role in how retail stores present themselves to their customers. Good lighting can enhance your image, help build your brand and attract new customers, all of which contribute to increased sales. On the other hand,. . .


On Call Maintenance Calgary

The Fluorescent Man Advantage

Having adequate lighting is integral to everyday operations, both at home and at the office. So when the lights go out it can cause major disruptions. That is why we always do our best to keep your lights on and functioning properly. Professional. . .


October 2015
Lighting Repair Calgary

The Importance of Keep Your Lighting Intact

Lights. You don’t even give them a passing thought, until they go out. They help you to see your work, your home and your world. Here at Fluorescent Lighting Man we recognize the importance of quality lighting solutions to your life. Whether you. . .


September 2015

The Legend IS True, Compact Fluorescent Lamps Last 15,000 Hours

The compact fluorescent lamp revolution has been in full swing for a few years now; however, some homeowners that have switched to the longer lasting bulb are finding that they can burn out far sooner than their predicted life span. Fluorescent Man. . .



Calgary Residential Lighting Solutions: 5 Tips to Choosing Perfect Lighting for your Home

Try an exercise: turn all the lights on in your house and walk into each room. While trying to remain objective, consider the quality of each light and whether or not it’s optimal for the typical activities that you do in each room. Most likely. . .



Minor Changes Make A Huge Impact on Your Business

Lighting is a very useful business tool. The amount and type of light used in and around your office can say a lot about your company and have a huge impact on your business. Lighting sets the tone for the entire work environment and often times,. . .


August 2015

Blue LED Light Invention Wins Nobel Prize!

Overview: LED lights are being recognized by the Nobel Foundation! The invention of the blue Light Emitting Diode has won this year's Nobel Prize for physics. Surprised? Read the blog below to find out why you shouldn't be. It was. . .


May 2015

Tips on Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Fluorescent Bulbs

Tragically light bulbs don’t last forever. Even our own sun will fade away in several billion years. So until scientists invent an ever lasting light bulb, here are a few tips that will maximize your current fluorescent light bulbs. Wait 3. . .


April 2015

Calgary Lighting Maintenance

Our cars need it. Our bodies need it. Even our lawns need it. We’re talking about maintenance. However, when it comes to your company’s lighting system, maintenance tends to get pushed back until it’s too late. To prevent any lighting fiascos,. . .



The Truth Behind LED Light Savings

The word on the street is that Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are highly energy efficient and save users big time money. But do they? The answer is both yes and no. Like many questions that involve money, it depends on the situation. Fluorescent Man. . .



A Energy Efficient Solution: Compact Fluorescent Lamps

With falling oil prices in Calgary, your business needs to save on any costs that it can. No matter what the economic trend is, your business needs to become more efficient, and one of the best places to start is with your energy bill. At. . .


March 2015

Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting Systems

It’s springtime in Calgary! And in typical Calgary form, the weather is unpredictable. One week it’s unseasonably warm, then the next, it’s frosty, and if you’re not careful, the fluctuations in weather can damage your outdoor lighting. . .



Why Choose Fluorescent Lighting?

For many home and business owners, Fluorescent light bulbs are still a preferred choice when it comes to lighting systems. Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary installs lighting systems that use fluorescent light bulbs, which are more energy. . .



Recycling Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Tragically, light doesn’t last forever! While stars undergo supernovas before fading away, luckily, your fluorescent light bulbs don’t go out with a similar bang. But what do you do with your old bulbs? Most often, fluorescent light bulbs end up. . .


February 2015

Home Lighting in Calgary: How New Lights Can Help Sell Your Home

Overview: Man has been trying to harness the power of light since the dawn of time. Fast forward to 2015, and homeowners have the capability of harnessing light via their home lighting system. New lighting fixtures can increase the value of your. . .


January 2015

The Smart Bulb - The Future of Lighting in Calgary

All the new high-tech gadgetry was on full display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And beyond the ultra high definition televisions, the home-automation industry made its presence known at the show. One of the highlights at. . .



Industrial Lighting Safety Tips

Overview: If you are designing and installing a new lighting system or retrofitting an old one, there are key factors you need to take into consideration. For example: The age of the lighting system? Lighting levels? Where to place the fixtures? . . .



Why It's So Important To Maintain Your Lighting

At Fluorescent Man Lighting we’re Calgary lighting specialists and that means we know just how important it is to maintain your lighting. Do you? Lighting is something many feel they shouldn’t have to deal with and that’s why lighting. . .



How To Dispose of Your Old CFL Bulbs

Fluorescent lighting is a great option for many businesses due its energy efficiency and bulb lifespan when compared to regular incandescent lighting. But like all lights fluorescent bulbs do eventually stop producing light, and regardless of. . .


December 2014

Calgary Lighting: When To Upgrade To T5 or T8 Fluorescent Lights

Overview: Upgrading your business lighting can be a great way to save money on your energy bill, but it often leaves the difficult question: which lights should I upgrade to? You might have read up on the advantages of T5 or even T8 bulbs, or maybe. . .



Calgary Lighting Repair: How To Keep Your Lights Healthy During The Holidays

Overview: With Christmas and the holidays just around the corner, it can be easy to forget about your lights this time of year. But by following a few simple tips, you can keep lights in top shape and avoid unnecessary lighting repairs. As. . .


November 2014

T5 Fluorescent Lighting Versus Metal Halide: What's The Difference?

Overview: If you own an industrial facility, factory or warehouse then there's a good chance you're using Metal Halide lights. While these bulbs can produce some great light, they're probably costing you more money that necessary. At. . .



T8 Fluorescent Lights - Lower Your Energy Bills and Improve Your Lighting Today!

Overview: If your office, building or house is currently using T12 fluorescent bulbs or even incandescent bulbs, one of the easiest ways to save energy and money is to replace your bulbs with T8 fluorescent lighting. If you like protecting the. . .



New Study Highlights The Importance of Correct Office Lighting

Professor Dino Pisaniello from the University of Adelaide has recently raised concerns about various factors in the workplace. Among them was the length of time employees were spending stationary, as well as the quality of light they were working. . .


October 2014

Ford Chooses LED Lighting Installation

Overview: This year Ford Motor Co. begun a $25 million project to swap out its existing lighting system for LED lighting. For more information, check out the blog below. Ford Motor Co. has recently started a $25 million investment project. . .


September 2014

Choosing LED Lighting or Fluorescent Lighting?

As Calgary lighting specialists, we provide a variety of different indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including LED and fluorescent lighting. Both LED and fluorescent have their advantages and disadvantages – but which suits you and your. . .


July 2014

Service Your Outdoor Lighting: There Is No Better Time Than Now!

Summer in Calgary can be lovely, but as we all know winter is always just around the corner and before you know it we’ll be faced with another 8 months of snow. At Fluorescent Man Lighting we’ve had plenty of experience maintaining outdoor. . .


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