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Lighting Consultation Calgary

“Every room should be a combination of save, spend, and splurge...and more lamps than you think you need.”
- Patrick J. Hamilton, (New York-based interior designer)

We all know that lighting is important for safety and security. However, the importance of lighting to individuals' well being isn't just black and white. Some lighting setups aren't necessarily unsafe, yet can have serious consequences and an impact on homeowners' or workers' comfort.

Poor lighting can lead to:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Eye strain
  • Loss of focus
  • Workplace or home accidents
  • Ineffective use of energy

Our professional lighting consultants are aware of the subtle differences in lighting levels, glare, and color temperature that can make or break a lighting setup. We’ll help you design your lighting setup right the first time.

A professional lighting consultant can help you:

  • Save money up-front and in the long run
  • Create a safe and comfortable work or home atmosphere
  • Showcase your residence or workplace in the best possible light

With three decades of experience, FM Lighting & Electrical’s team should be your go-to Calgary lighting experts.


Benefits Of Hiring Our Calgary Lighting Experts

A lighting consultant can help you choose the best lighting system based on both your personal preferences and the layout of your space. A consultation is a chance for you to discuss your aesthetic goals, practical needs, and the budget that you have in mind.

This leads to:

  • Lighting that suits your needs
  • Increased comfort and productivity
  • A more stylish and appealing atmosphere
  • An energy efficient setup that leads to savings

1. Lighting That Suits Your Needs

During a lighting consultation, a lighting expert can gather information about how you intend for the space to be used and design the lighting setup accordingly. Our Calgary lighting experts pride ourselves on coming up with innovative ways to add efficiency to your life.

Examples of custom lighting solutions derived from consultations include:

  • Dimmable lamps and lighting for workspaces to allow workers to create the most productive atmosphere for themselves
  • Convenient LED undercabinet lighting for cooking enthusiasts
  • Motion-sensing lighting in areas of a large warehouse to ensure worker safety while saving energy

2. Increase Comfort and Productivity

Our lighting consultants can help you determine the ideal lighting levels for your task and area lighting. This means that kitchen counters, desktops, and other work spaces will be adequately lit, while glare will be minimized and reduced. This can:

  • Reduce eye strain
  • Prevent individuals from adopting uncomfortable postures in order to see correctly
  • Improve the mood

These benefits bring comfort to the home and boosts productivity and morale in the workplace.

3. Create A Stylish and Appealing Atmosphere

Experts in lighting design understand the difference that lighting can create in showcasing a space’s best features. By taking into account your vision as well as your space’s unique characteristics, a lighting consultant help you enhance any space.

Our lighting experts will help you choose the optimal:

  • Lighting temperature
  • Lighting brightness
  • Color rendering
  • Lighting fixture type

4. Durable, Cost-Effective Products

The difference between our expert lighting consultants and interior designers is that in addition to an understanding of design, our team has a technical background in lighting. This means that they can help you select:

  • Cost-effective and lower-maintenance lighting options like long-lasting LED lights as well as timed and daylight-sensing lights
  • Cutting-edge smart lighting to add convenience and a luxe touch to your home or business


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