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4 Tips to Design The Perfect Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting design has a significant effect on atmosphere, and is a key component of ambient lighting. Without the right ambient lighting, a room lit only by direct and “task” lighting may seem stark, spartan, or unwelcoming.

What Is Indirect Lighting Design?

Indirect lighting is key to any successful interior lighting setup. Indirect lighting occurs when light is bounced upwards or off of walls instead of shining directly at an object. This type of lighting fits within the categories of "ambient" lighting.

Indirect lighting design simply entails creating the most effective setup of indirect lighting for the room. This sounds simple, but it requires a strong knowledge of both interior design and lighting. 

Looking for expert tips and inspiration? Here are four key ways that the right indirect lighting design can add appeal to your home’s interior design.

1. Alter The Mood and Atmosphere Without A Single Coat Of Paint

When it comes to selecting lighting, paying attention to colour temperature is always important, and indirect lighting is no exception. In fact, because indirect lighting is often used to "wash" surfaces, colour temperature is more important than ever.

The colour temperature you choose will affect the way the other objects in the room appear, and has been shown to significantly impact the atmosphere of a room: cool light boosts alertness, while warm light promotes a sense of cosiness and security.

With so many LED options now available, there are even more opportunities to harness a combination of colour and light to alter your space. Whether it’s a futuristic blue LED light in a sleek and modern kitchen or a warm orange glow from a glass pendant in a family room, you have plenty of options to choose from. 


2. Add Subtle Style With Invisible Fixtures

Architectural Lighting suggests that integrating fixtures into the home to make them invisible puts the focus on the light, its effect, and the surrounding space. Expert builders and architects have been doing this for years by simply hiding the light fixtures. Over the years, this has become more popular, and can easily be replicated in residential buildings. 

For example:

  • When combined with clean, line-based architecture, light cast from hidden fixtures creates a luxurious, structural, yet airy feel.
  • A dropped ceiling panel combined with a perimeter uplight can make the ceiling look as if it is floating.
  • An invisible downlight can focus the attention on a wall's unique texture, such as stone or brick.


3. Add A Sense Of Spaciousness...Without Changing Square Footage

Indirect lighting design can transform a narrow, cramped hallway or staircase. These transitional spaces are often forgotten when homeowners plan out their space room-by-room. However, they’re also often the ones that create the first impression for guests and visitors.

A Calgary interior lighting expert can help you:

  • emphasize your hallway's architecture in a way that makes it seem as large and open as possible.
  • create an indirect lighting design without shadows, dark corners, or glare.
  • create a smooth transition between the lighting in this area and in the rest of your home.

Lighting Decor Tips


4. Modernize Your Indirect Lighting

Cutting-edge lighting doesn’t necessarily mean space-age colours and aggressively modern fixtures. In fact, even classic and retro lighting can be given the 21st-century treatment. Simply ask your Calgary interior lighting expert about which convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving features you should add to your indirect lighting design. 

Lighting upgrades can include:

  • Dimmers
  • Smart lighting controlled by apps
  • Motion-sensing lights
  • Daylight-sensing lights


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