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The Smart Bulb - The Future of Lighting in Calgary

All the new high-tech gadgetry was on full display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And beyond the ultra high definition televisions, the home-automation industry made its presence known at the show. One of the highlights at this year's CSE was by the company Misfit, which launched their first smart bulb, the Bolt.

The Bolt allows your smartphone to control your lights and does not require a centralized hub to operate. This is not your average smart bulb. The Bolt goes beyond just turning your lights on and off from the car or couch, it’s all about ambiance. The Bolt will allow you to customize or choose from a list of lighting designs found all over the world and apply it to your home. From deep purple to the tranquil colours of the rainforest, your home lighting will embody the aesthetic setting of your choice. The Bolt will be available to consumers at a price of around $50 per bulb and will be available in February. The smart bulb will work with the home automation app that Misfit is releasing soon on iOS and with Logitech’s Harmony Home remote. Check out the lighting potential your home can have in the video below.

The Bottom Line: Light switches and dimmers have become an old way of lighting your home. Think about the following scenario: you’re having a romantic dinner at home with your spouse and you want to create the perfect mood. Are you going to use the old dimmer switch to create a boring faded white light for setting? Or are you going to go all out and with the entire colour spectrum at your fingertips, truly create a memorable atmosphere? From themes of deep blue seas to red lighting to perfect reading levels, Fluorescent Man Lighting makes you the lighting God of your home!

Contact Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary today on 403-863-8529 and begin the lighting revolution in your home today.

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