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How Lighting Can Affect The Appearance And Atmosphere Of A Room

When decorating your home, it is important to consider how both interior and exterior lighting can directly and indirectly affect the atmosphere of the room or living space. This post provides an overview of the impact of lighting on the atmosphere and mood of any space, the importance of functional lighting, and eight helpful tips to consider when planning an indoor or outdoor lighting installation.

Lighting suggestions to enhance the interior and exterior of your home:

  1. Brighter lighting can create stronger emotions, and a sense of energy, while dimmer lights can have a calming effect.

  2. Reddish or yellowish light, often called “warm” lighting creates a comforting or cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, light with a white or blue cast (which more closely resembles daylight) is seen as being “cooler” and can create a more energized mood.

  3. Flexibility in interior lighting can be very useful: dimmable lights or multiple lights within a bedroom can help regulate you feel relaxed and prepared for a good nights’ sleep, but also allows you adjust the lighting to be bright and energizing in the morning.

  4. Regardless of the type of atmosphere you wish to create through lighting, it is important not to forget the functional and safety aspects of lighting. For example, if you want cozy, lower lighting in your kitchen, you could install brighter lights under the cabinets to illuminate counters or stoves and provide you with a well-lit workspace.

  5. When installing outdoor lighting, keep in mind that in areas such as Calgary, lighting varies seasonally: good outdoor lighting along pathways is very important in the winter, not only when it dark, but ice or snow could potentially create an unsafe environment when it is dark.

  6. The effects of light on productivity and visibility can indirectly influence the mood of a room by the emphasis it puts on certain design elements. A poorly-lit room may appear dull, cramped, or unwelcoming, and a poorly lit pathway may appear unwelcoming or unsafe. An office with flickering or harsh lighting can make individuals feel unhappy or stressed.

  7. The wrong type of light can distort the look of decor or interact poorly with the paint finish of the room. This is the same reason why furniture or clothing may look different at home than they did in the store or showroom. Make sure you discuss “colour rendering” with an interior design or a lighting specialist if you are choosing lighting for a room where the accuracy of the colour is important for functional reasons, such as applying makeup in the morning, or for aesthetic reasons, for example, when lighting a room with distinctive colours or artwork.

  8. It can also be useful to take the amount of natural lighting in the room into account. A room with large south or east facing windows might require different lighting products than a basement room, a room with few windows, or a room that does not get as much natural sunlight.

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