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Benefits Of LED Lighting In Learning Environments

Benefits Of LED Lighting In Learning Environments

Fluorescent lighting is the standard in most classrooms. Originally adopted for the cost savings and energy efficiency, fluorescent tube lighting can be found in a majority of schools and learning environments in North America. But emerging research shows that this type of lighting system may have detrimental effects on both the health and learning of children. More and more educational institutions are making the switch to light-emitting diode (LED) systems. Popular for their decreased operating costs, energy efficiency, and lowered environmental impact, LED lighting systems just make sense for learning environments everywhere.

FML Lighting and Electrical specializes in the most advanced LED lighting systems and in upgrading fluorescent lighting with LED retrofits. If you want to explore the cost savings, educational, and health benefits of LED lighting for your learning environment, connect with our team of expert electricians in Calgary for a complimentary consultation at (403) 863-8529.

There are many reasons to consider a new LED lighting system or an LED retrofit for your educational space. Here are some of the greatest benefits of LED lighting in the classroom.

Improved Performance
Students perform best in a learning environment where natural light is available or simulated. White and blue light, which can be made prominent in LED lighting, have been found to improve concentration and boost productivity. Research has shown that dynamic lighting systems such as LED can increase cognitive performance, improve reading speed, reduce hyperactivity, raise alertness, and enhance moods.

Energy Savings
LED lighting uses the least amount of energy of any type of lighting system available today resulting in 75- 80 percent less energy consumption on average. LED lights do not emit any heat, further reducing the costs of compensating for the heat energy output of fluorescent tubes and incandescent light. 

Reduced Maintenance
LED bulbs are much more durable than traditional fluorescent bulbs and less prone to breakage. And the average LED light bulb has a life expectancy of 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours. This is 4-5 times longer than a fluorescent tube bulb and 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Reduced replacement costs and decreased maintenance and upkeep save money.

Control And Customization
LED technology allows for much more flexibility and control in lighting colours, temperatures, and illumination. Smart controls allow LED systems to be adjusted to create an environment of calm and relaxation, energizinging focus, or low lighting for digital presentations with the turn of a knob or the touch of a keypad. This customization can allow educators to create optimal environments for learning for a variety of tasks throughout the day.

Healthier Environments
Fluorescent bulbs contain a variety of gases and even mercury. A broken or damaged bulb increases the risk of exposure for students in the classroom. Fluorescent bulbs also emit UV light, especially when old or damaged, and UV exposure is known to damage eyes and skin. In contrast, LED lighting has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and contribute to feelings of well-being. 

LED Lighting is more expensive upfront, even though the cost savings over time make it a more affordable option. But there is another economical option for educational institutions wishing to benefit from a smart LED lighting system without the initial expense. Existing lighting fixtures and fittings can be easily adapted to be compatible with LED technology. An LED retrofit is an ideal way to incorporate the educational, cost, and health benefits of LED by adapting your current lighting system.

A Smarter Environment For Learning

Installing an LED lighting system or upgrading a current fluorescent lighting system with an LED retrofit will allow educators to create an optimal classroom environment for students. The benefits to learning and health alone are significant. But an LED or LED retrofit will impart reduced energy consumption, significant cost savings, and decreased maintenance and upkeep. The LED technology of today allows teachers to completely customize the lighting experience to support productivity, focus, and performance for students. And the ability to lower the environmental impact of your institution is also a huge benefit.

If you are ready to explore all of the benefits of LED lighting systems and retrofits for your learning environment, the team of professional electricians at Fluorescent Man Lighting can provide a no-obligation quote and outline the savings possible for your school. For 25 years, Fluorescent Man Lighting Ltd. has been servicing the residential and commercial lighting needs of Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our Calgary lighting specialists value our customers and strive to create well designed and impeccably installed lighting solutions. To find out more about our services or to book your complimentary consultation, call 403-863-8529.


Q: Can a new LED system be installed without interruption to our school day?
A: Absolutely! FM Lighting and Electrical can quickly and efficiently install a new LED system or retrofit your existing lighting system with complete consideration to your school schedule. At your complimentary consultation we discuss a plan to complete the work necessary without interruption for your students.

Q: How do we know if our existing fixtures are able to be retrofitted?
The vast majority of existing lighting fixtures can be adapted to accept LED lighting. If you are concerned that you have custom or dated fixtures that may not be able to be retrofitted, contact our team of electricians at FM lIghting and Electrical. We will come out and do a complimentary assessment and create a quote for retrofitting or replacing your fixtures. 

Q: Can LED lighting systems come with integrated control systems?
 LED lighting can be controlled through various devices with mobile apps and can even provide features such as motion detection, timers, and dimmers. This puts the ultimate control of the lighting system right in the hands of your teachers.

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