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Calgary Home Theatre Installation

You’ve got a vision for your home: a state‐of‐the‐art home theatre that’s so advanced, you don’t need to go the movies anymore.  Or maybe you just SIMPLY want to mount your 55 inch TV on your mantle with a Bose soundbar, Wireless Bluetooth Acoustimass, AdaptIQ, Apple TV and Cable Box.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “If you can dream it, you can build it,” but setting up a home theatre is often easier said than done.

Beyond buying a high‐end TV and sound system, you’ll need to design your home theatre so that all of the systems are optimized to produce a genuine theatre experience in your space.

A home theatre installation expert can give you a wealth of useful guidance to set up your home theatre for the best possible results.

There are 3 main reasons you should consider hiring a pro to design and install your home theatre:

1. Safety

When it comes to mounting a heavy TV and setting up the appropriate wiring for your audiovisual systems, safety is paramount. A poorly mounted TV can easily come crashing down and amateur electrical work increases your risk of shorting or fire.

A trained professional will follow best practices when setting up your home theatre, ensuring that a licensed electrician handles all relevant electrical work and that any heavy items or fixtures are safely secured to the wall.

2. Efficiency

Maybe you know a friend who’s an electrician or you have some basic carpentry skills yourself. If the safety of your home theatre installation isn’t a primary concern, efficiency may be another.

Hiring a pro can save you significant time, as home installation professionals have lots of experience with planning out the process so that no key steps are missed and everything is installed quickly and accurately. As many former DIY’ers will tell you, a complicated renovation project like a home theatre installation can take much more time and resources to do on your own than with a professional.

3. Customizability

If you live in an older, “character” home, you may have an unusual layout and measurements for the room that you’d like to transform into a home theatre. A home theatre installation professional can carefully assess your space and install a custom solution that fits your room’s dimensions. This type of tailoring can also ensure that lighting and sound are optimal for your home theatre.

We’re excited to offer home theatre setup, customization and installation to current and prospective customers at FML. Contact us today at: 403‐863‐8529.

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