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Lighting Installation Calgary

“Lighting is everything. It creates atmosphere, drama, and intrigue in a room.”
-Martin Lawrence Bullard (Interior Designer)

Is your home or business looking stale and drab? Does the exterior look less than polished, or are you annoyed with how certain rooms are looking dreary despite a fresh coat of paint? An outdated or subpar lighting installation could be to blame.

Lighting is one of the first things that you should consider as a business or homeowner, because of the way that it transforms a space. The right interior lighting installation can:

  • Showcase a room’s unique architectural features
  • Display colors accurately in a way that shows off their richness
  • Provide you with the visibility you need to complete crucial tasks stress-free

Similarly, well-designed exterior lighting can:

  • Add visibility to a business
  • Boost a home’s curb appeal
  • Lend security to the premise


Why Hire FM Lighting & Electrical For Lighting Installation?

With over 25 years of experience in the Calgary lighting industry, our team is well equipped and highly qualified to complete a broad range of lighting work, including all variations of lighting installation. You’ll love working with our Calgary lighting installation team because:

1. Our Team Puts Safety First

FM Lighting & Electrical’s team has in-depth knowledge of safety regulations and best practices for industrial, commercial, and residential light installation, maintenance, and repairs. You can trust our team to treat your space with the utmost care when we work in your home or place of business.

2. We Work With All Forms Of Lighting

While our name is a nod to highly popular fluorescent lights, our lighting installation and maintenance team’s breadth of experience is much broader than that!

FM Lighting & Electrical Staff can work with:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Metal halide
  • High pressure sodium
  • Neon
  • LED lights

FM Lighting & Electrical’s expert team can conveniently address multiple lighting projects in one consultation, and can schedule a multifaceted installation project all on the same day so that the disruption to your home or business will be kept minimal. Having all of your projects completed by one Calgary light installer saves you the time and cost of working with and coordinating a variety of lighting installers with less experience.

3. We Offer Year-Round Exterior Lighting Installations

Our team can complete work on both interior and exterior lighting. We are able to safely conduct exterior lighting work year-round, so there is no need to delay your plans due to the time of year! Additionally, our flexible schedule installation times can minimize disruption in facilities that are crowded during regular work hours.

4. We Help You Choose Quality Lighting Products

Our commitment to customer service means that we work hard to find you the best quality lighting products at the most affordable prices.


What To Expect When Hiring a Lighting Installer

When you hire a FM Lighting & Electrical Installer, you can be sure that you’ll get second-to-none customer service and expert lighting work.

1. A Comprehensive Consultation

Before your lighting installation, you can expect to go over topics such as:

  • Your lighting design preferences
  • Your lighting needs, based on layout as well as your lifestyle and preferences
  • Your budget
  • What sort of maintenance schedule best fits your budget and ideal lighting system

2. A Hassle-Free Installation

Whether it’s a lighting installation in an industrial facility, or a renovation to your home, our team is dedicated to providing a stress-free installation process. You don’t have to worry about purchasing parts or fixtures, or even about clearing items out of the way for work.

We handle all aspects of lighting installation including:

  • Parts
  • Supplies
  • Electrical wiring
  • Light  fixture mounting or modification
  • Lamp or bulb installation

3. Maintenance Schedule Options

Additionally, as a reputable lighting installation team in Calgary, we are dedicated to ensuring that your lighting system stays in top shape for years to come. This is why we offer comprehensive and regularly scheduled lighting maintenance packages.


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