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Top 3 Home Lighting Trends For 2019

Are you looking to upgrade your interior lighting this new year? From residential electrical repairs to installations, our team has the expertise and tools to suit all your individual lighting needs. 

When it comes to choosing the decor for your home, no detail should be overlooked, especially essentials such as lighting. In fact, taking the time to choose the right fixtures can have many benefits as they will:

  • Create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere
  • Enhance your comfort
  • Create visual appeal
  • Provide extra brightness in darker spaces (for activities such as reading)

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At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our highly qualified team offer comprehensive services such as residential electrical repairs, LED retrofits, and bucket truck services, to meet all your commercial and residential lighting needs.

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3 Top Home Lighting Trends for 2019

Interior lighting is a central aspect of your home’s design. You can create a personalized atmosphere in your house on the kind of fixtures you use and how you position your lighting. If you’re looking to upgrade your decor, here’s how to incorporate some of 2019’s top lighting trends into your home:

1. Go Bigger

For certain areas of the house, Calgary homeowners are beginning to go with bigger fixtures. The aim of this is to create an instant ‘wow’ factor and attract the attention of your guests. More than just lighting, these fixtures can act as ornate centrepieces and are often used over the:

  • Kitchen island
  • Dining table
  • Foyer
  • Bed

How to incorporate this into your home: For the most attractive results, use these fixtures in a central area, as this will create the maximum effect. You may also want to consider balancing it with smaller fixtures around the room.


2. Consider an LED Retrofit

Incandescent bulbs are extremely wasteful which is why there has been a big push to move to more efficient and environmentally friendly forms of lighting. Today, more homeowners are switching to LED lighting due to its money and power-saving properties.

Some of the benefits of switching to LED lighting include:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Longer bulb lifespan
  • They are unaffected by rapid cycling
  • They can withstand harsh conditions

Benefits Of An LED Retrofit


3. Use Cleaner Lines and Less Clutter

Modern decor is based on clean forms, meaning that excessive ornamentation is quickly losing favour among homeowners. This year, why not opt for a simpler and cleaner lighting design that focuses on geometric shapes, neutral soft colours, and prominence of form over extravagant aesthetics.

How to incorporate this into your home: It’s easy to work clean lighting into any space of your home, whether it’s the living area or bedroom. Often, such a fixture works best as a statement piece, so let it stand alone without being crowded with other fixtures.


Always Go With Your Unique Style

While there are certainly some exciting lighting trends coming up in 2019, you should never feel any pressure to choose a specific one. The best lighting design is one that you’ll love and that will work best in your home.

Use the trends to give you an idea of what you can do with your interior and exterior home lighting in the upcoming year, whether you’re building your dream house or renovating your existing one.


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