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Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting Systems

It’s springtime in Calgary! And in typical Calgary form, the weather is unpredictable. One week it’s unseasonably warm, then the next, it’s frosty, and if you’re not careful, the fluctuations in weather can damage your outdoor lighting system. Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary has a few tips for maintaining your outdoor lighting system during the unpredictable seasons.

While slushy walkways, messy snow and salt mix on our driveways, are nothing new for us Calgarians, this moisture can damage your outdoor lighting system. The snowfall and freezing temperatures from winter have now thawed out and that can result in condensation on wiring and control boxes. You need to ensure that all electrical boxes and panels for your outdoor lighting systems are watertight, and prevent them from becoming a shock hazard. If any of the outdoor outlets and reset buttons aren't working, call Fluorescent Man Lighting.

Outdoor lighting systems are designed to work in freezing winter conditions; however, once again it’s the fluctuations in temperatures that can cause problems. The cycle of freezing and thawing (which was the case in Calgary this year) can cause your outdoor lighting fixtures to move position and weaken the integrity of the wiring. We recommend examining your lighting system monthly, to ensure that the fluctuating weather hasn’t compromised any of your outdoor lights. It’s also important to consult with an expert on which bulbs to use for your outdoor lighting needs. The rise and fall of Calgary temperatures can shorten the lifespan of bulbs. You don’t want to be navigating on slippery walkways in the dark!

Without knowing it, you can damage your outdoor lighting while performing regular winter maintenance activities like shoveling and removing snow off your roof. If you’re not careful, metal shovels and other snow removing tools can strike lighting fixtures along your driveway, which can cause them to break or dislodge. Take extra caution when removing icicles and snow off your roof, as you can inadvertently damage any string lights that might still be up.

Your outdoor lighting systems require maintenance, especially with the crazy Calgary weather. To find out how Fluorescent Man Lighting can change your home or business with a new modern and energy efficient lighting system, call us today in Calgary on 403-863-8529.  

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