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July 2024

Calgary Outdoor Lighting: Top 7 Outdoor Lighting Trends in Calgary for 2024

As we move into 2024, outdoor lighting continues to evolve, bringing new trends that blend aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. For homeowners in Calgary, these trends offer exciting opportunities to enhance their outdoor spaces, boost. . .


June 2024

Calgary Outdoor Lighting: 5 Key Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Your Calgary Home

Outdoor lighting often gets overlooked when it comes to home improvement, but its importance cannot be overstated. Whether you're looking to enhance your home's curb appeal, improve security, or simply create a welcoming atmosphere, the. . .


June 2023
10 Exterior Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Backyard This Summer

10 Exterior Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Backyard This Summer

Exterior Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces Festive String Lights: Nothing says summer like twinkling string lights draped across your backyard. Whether you choose classic white bulbs or colourful lanterns, string lights instantly create a. . .


May 2023
How To Integrate Smart Technology Into Your Backyard Exterior Lighting

How To Integrate Smart Technology Into Your Backyard Exterior Lighting

Tips To Integrate Technology And Exterior Lighting Choose Smart Lighting Products: To begin, select smart lighting products that are compatible with your backyard needs. Look for outdoor-rated smart LED bulbs, fixtures, or lighting systems that. . .


January 2023
Keep Exterior Lighting Bright With Maintenance | Lighting Calgary

Keep Your Exterior Lighting Bright With Proper Maintenance

Exterior Lighting Maintenance Search For Damaged Wiring Exterior lighting maintenance helps your landscaping look its best, but it also functions as a safety feature. Your exterior lighting is at risk of developing issues such as frayed wired. . .


October 2022
Why LED Lighting Is Better Than Fluorescent Lighting In Cold Climates

Why LED Lighting Is Better Than Fluorescent Lighting In Cold Climates

LED Lighting Versus Fluorescent Lighting In Cold Weather Lifespan Fluorescent lighting has a shorter lifespan than LED lighting while at room temperature. Fluorescent lighting also tends to have a shorter lifespan when in temperatures colder. . .


August 2022
The Benefits Of LED For Exterior Lighting

The Benefits Of LED For Exterior Lighting

LED Lighting Is Great For External Lighting Because: LED Lighting Gives Off Little Heat If you’ve ever tried to touch an incandescent bulb while lit or shortly after being turned off, you know that it can get very hot. One of the ways LED. . .


June 2022
Upgrade Your Backyard Lighting With LED And These Amazing Ideas

Upgrade Your Backyard Lighting With LED And These Amazing Ideas

Lighting Tips To Spruce Up Your Backyard Path Lighting These lights are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Path lighting designates a clear footpath, which can help you make your way around your backyard even late at night. These lights. . .


May 2022
FML - Blog - Is Your Outdoor Sign Still Looking Good

Repair Or Replace? Is Your Outdoor Sign Still Looking Good?

When To Repair Minor Damage Some damage is easily repaired and can make a world of difference to your sign. Flickering lights and burnt-out lights are the best examples, as they are highly noticeable flaws that will immediately turn clients and. . .


April 2022
FML - Blog - The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

Lighting 101: The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

The 4 Main Types Of Lighting 1. Ambient Lighting This is the base layer of lighting that comes from the main light of a room, such as a ceiling light or chandelier. This type of lighting is used to flood the room with uniform levels of light,. . .


November 2021
FML - Blog - Consider LED for Your Calgary Christmas Light Displays

Consider LED for Your Calgary Christmas Light Displays

The Benefits of LED Christmas Lights Tis’ the season to make your home look festive with decorative and bright Christmas lights! But did you know that there are some big differences between Incandescent and LED lights? Here is everything you. . .


July 2021
Enhance Your Signage | Fluorescent Man Calgary

It Must be a Sign: Getting More Eyes on Your Business

Signs and Lighting to Increase Your Curb Appeal Much like buying and selling homes, your business curb appeal matters to attract potential customers. One of the surest ways to give your curb appeal a big boost is through an attractive and. . .


May 2021
Fluorescent Man-Illuminated Business Signs

4 Benefits Of Illuminated Business Signs

You’ve surely noticed those vibrant lighted signs while driving around the city. After all, when’s the last time you’ve missed one of McDonald’s iconic golden arches?   Your business deserves that same kind of attention-grabbing signage. . . .


Fluorescent Man-blog-Outdoor Lighting

5 Way You Can Transform Your Outdoor Space With Exterior Lighting Design

With summer right around the corner and the barbeque season rapidly approaching, a beautiful, well-planned outdoor lighting system ensures you get as much time as you can to enjoy your outdoor space.   Exterior lighting has many benefits,. . .


March 2021
FM Lighting Electrical Calgary

3 Benefits of Investing in Outdoor Lighting Services for Your Tenants

There are many things to consider when investing in your rental property. Do you update the kitchen, invest in brighter, more efficient indoor lighting, or install exterior lighting around your building/ rental home? While there are arguably many. . .


December 2020
Commercial Electrical Companies Calgary | Fluorescent Man Lighting Ltd.

4 Types of Outdoor Lighting That Can Improve Your Business

Are you looking to enhance the curb appeal of your commercial facility? Here are the top four types of exterior lighting you should invest in and how they can help boost your business in 2021. Curb appeal is as important for commercial. . .


November 2020
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3 Benefits of Hiring an Electrician for Your Exterior Lighting Needs

Are you considering upgrading or installing new exterior commercial lighting? Whether you require a sign repair or lighting maintenance, here’s why you should always work with a professional electrical contractor. Exterior lighting is. . .


September 2020
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3 Signs You’re Ready for an LED Retrofit

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial use, LED retrofits are a quick, cost-effective, and convenient way to achieve brighter light at a fraction of the cost. It has become more important than ever to find energy-efficient. . .


August 2020
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6 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Electrician for Your Electric Sign Needs

Do you want to use electric signs to promote your business? At our Calgary electrical company, our licensed electricians can provide comprehensive commercial lighting services, including sign repairs, installation, and design, to meet all your. . .


July 2020
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3 Commercial Benefits of Investing in Quality Parking Lot Lighting

Good lighting is one aspect of your commercial parking lot that speaks volumes about your business as a whole. Here are three reasons why your parking lot needs proper lighting and how our Calgary electrical contractors can help meet all your. . .


December 2018
Residential LED lighting, electician Calgary

3 Winter Lighting Tips To Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal

Do you want to enhance the look of your home this festive season? Here are 4 simple residential lighting tips from our Calgary electrician to help increase your home’s winter curb appeal.   Exterior lighting plays a crucial role in your. . .


Electrical Companies Calgary, lighting installation

3 Lighting Tips For Holiday Home Safety

Are you gearing up to decorate your home for the holiday season? Protect your loved ones and keep them safe by following these simple lighting tips from our Calgary electrical company. Whether you’re putting up a tree or an elaborate lighting. . .


July 2018
led retrofit calgary, calgary exterior lighting

Why You Should Consider an LED Retrofit For Your Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking for cost-effective and efficient exterior lighting products for your Calgary business? Here are 4 cost-benefits of investing in an LED retrofit.   Exterior lighting is an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of many Calgary. . .


lighting services calgary, electrician calgary

4 Reasons to Switch to Solar Electricity

Are you trying to be more energy-conscious while saving money on your electricity bills? Here are 4 benefits of investing in solar panel installations.   We can conserve energy in many ways and at many different levels of energy consumption. . . .


June 2018
Calgary Electrician

Top 4 Outdoor Lighting Trends For 2018 You Can’t Miss

Outdoor lighting is an extremely important aspect of any garden but in order to make the most of them, it’s crucial to hire an electrician who can do the installation safely and correctly.   One of the most important elements of a. . .


 Calgary Electrical Devices

3 Benefits of Adding Lighting To Your Pool

A swimming pool can be an excellent addition to any home, enhancing its curb appeal. However, one of the most overlooked and important considerations you must make first is pool lighting, especially if you have young children.   As outdoor. . .


May 2018
Calgary electrician

The Perfect Lighting For Your Summer House - Tips From Our Calgary Electricians

Learn how the right lighting can help you create the perfect summer house with 4 key tips from our team of Calgary electricians. In the past, we’ve covered how to add the right lighting to your garden for maximum effect during the summer. . .


March 2018
Ideal Exterior Lighting For Your Calgary Restaurant's Patio

Ideal Exterior Lighting For Your Calgary Restaurant's Patio

Patio season is almost upon us, and if you're a Calgary restaurant, a well-lit and appealing patio can be a benefit to your business. Check out our essential tips in this post! Why You Should Invest In The Best Lighting For Your Calgary. . .


February 2018
Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electric Calgary Everything You Need to Know About LED Street Lights in Calgary

Everything You Need to Know About LED Street Lights in Calgary

Learn more about Calgary’s city-wide LED lighting retrofit in 2017 which has proven to reduce energy consumption and provide quality lighting on city roadways. In an effort to significantly reduce our energy consumption and to provide quality. . .


Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electric Calgary Protecting Your Company's Signage Lighting From the Winter Elements

Protecting Your Company's Signage Lighting From the Winter Elements

One of the best ways to improve your company's signage is lighting. Whether you want to opt for traditional fluorescent bulbs or contemporary LED lights, here's how to keep your signage glowing 24 hours a day. When it comes to effective. . .


Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electric Calgary DIY Tips on Fixing a Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

DIY Tips on Fixing a Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

Do you have an old fluorescent light bulb that's no longer working? Here are some simple safety tips on how to remove your fluorescent lighting products safely. Fluorescent lighting has often been associated with the stigma of being a. . .


November 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Calgary 5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Exterior Lighting Company This Holiday

5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Exterior Lighting Company This Holiday

Are you thinking about bringing out the holiday lights? Our expert exterior lighting team and bucket truck services can get your home festive in no time! Exterior lights are a fundamental part of  making your home festive and bright. They. . .


October 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Calgary 5 Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Exterior Home Lighting

5 Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Exterior Home Lighting

Keep your exterior lighting system well-maintained and shining bright all winter long with the following tips from our professional service team.   Exterior lighting plays an important role in your landscape all year round, but it is most. . .


September 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Exterior Lighting

Calgary Exterior Lighting Maintenance: Your Fall Checklist

In Calgary, exterior light fixtures have to be able to withstand frequent use and a lot of wear and tear over the cold winter months. Start your preparations now with our Calgary exterior lighting maintenance checklist! 1. Ensure Your Light. . .


August 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting outdoors lights too much light

Calgary Exterior Lighting: How Much Light Is Too Much Light

Our experienced Calgary lighting consultants explain lighting trespass and light pollution, as well as how to avoid them. Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Lighting? Anyone who has ever walked down a dimly lit road or attended an evening. . .


Fluorescent Man Lighting Neon Signs Lights Exterior Outdoors

Neon, Fluorescent Outdoor Lights, or LED: Which Is The The Best Light Type For Outdoor Signs?

We’ve posted extensively about how lighting can enhance your business’ property and draw in customers. We’ve covered finding the right lighting products for your store, and why parking lots should be well-lit. Our post on why signage matters. . .


June 2017
Calgary Commercial Lighting Calgary Commercial Lighting: Boost Business With The Right Lighting Setup

Calgary Commercial Lighting: Boost Business With The Right Lighting Setup

The right lighting can draw customers to your store, impact the way they see your products or feel about your location, and even affect their shopping habits. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your Calgary commercial lighting is up to. . .


May 2017
Calgary LED lighting Calgary Exterior Lighting: Outdoor, Patio, and Garden Lighting

Calgary Exterior Lighting: Outdoor, Patio, and Garden Lighting

Give your summer gatherings the perfect ambiance, add security to your property, and boost your home’s curb appeal by adding outdoor LED lights to your property. Calgary Exterior Lighting One of the greatest things about summer is the. . .


March 2017
calgary parking lot lighting The Importance of Lighting In Parking Lots

The Importance of Lighting In Parking Lots

Did you know, your parking lot lighting can impact your sales? Does Your Parking Lot Have Adequate Lighting? Landlords, property managers, and business owners devote time, attention, and resources to the look of the interior and exterior of. . .


July 2016

3 Steps to Design the Perfect Patio with Lighting

Summers in Calgary are often short, so now is the time to get outside--and there’s no better way to do this than in the comfort of your own backyard. With some comfortable furniture, greenery, and strategic lighting, you can create a private. . .


February 2016
monthly lighting maintenance

Fluorescent Man Lighting Offers On Call and Monthly Maintenance

Lighting plays an important role in every work place. Ensuring your employees are able to see what they are working on helps reduce errors as well as eye strain. If your business includes a retail environment than ensuring your sales floor and. . .


Calgary Lighting Solutions

Improving Workplace Safety with Lighting

Workplace safety is everyone’s concern, from front line employees to the president of the company. Keeping you, your co-workers and your customers safe means identifying safety concerns before they become hazardous. Ensuring your place of work has. . .


January 2016
Exterior Lighting Calgary

Why Your Store Needs Good Outdoor Lighting

Whenever most people think of retail lighting they picture elegant and dazzling displays or bright, functional lighting over the tills. However, outdoor lighting also plays a very important role in the retail setting for 3 main. . .


Positive Experience Lighting Calgary

Fostering a Positive Customer Experience Using Lighting

Your customer’s journey through the retail space depends heavily on lighting. Proper lighting is not only functional but also helps set the tone of your store, which affects the customer’s mood. Lighting is also important for highlighting new or. . .


Better Lighting Calgary

Improve your Bottom Line with Better Lighting

Though lighting is vital to productivity, in a retail or warehouse setting it is often overlooked. Adequate lighting is integral to preserving your bottom line and keeping your entire operation running smoothly and efficiently from the warehouse to. . .


December 2015
Office Lighting Calgary

Proper Lighting Design Can Be a Worthwhile Investment

Lighting is what can make or break a space, so good lighting is a worthwhile investment for any business. Lighting defines how we experience space, not just how we enhance it. Good lighting is worth investing in for 3 reasons: Good lighting. . .


Retail Lighting Fixtures

Effective Use of Lighting in Retail Spaces

Effective use of lighting is integral to the retail experience. Lighting is a powerful tool that sets the mood of the store, and can be used to draw attention to highlighted products. There are four main types of lighting that are used in a retail. . .


November 2015
Restaurant Lighting Calgary

Proper Restaurant Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in any environment and restaurants are no exception. Lighting is an integral part of setting the mood and should not be overlooked. Here are a few things to consider when you are choosing the lighting for your. . .


On Call Maintenance Calgary

The Fluorescent Man Advantage

Having adequate lighting is integral to everyday operations, both at home and at the office. So when the lights go out it can cause major disruptions. That is why we always do our best to keep your lights on and functioning properly. Professional. . .


October 2015
Calgary Exterior Lighting

Secure Homes and Businesses with Exterior Lighting

On Halloween all the little boys and girls will don their costumes and alight into the night in search of fun and treats. With winter approaching and the days getting shorter it is important to make sure the exterior of your home or business is. . .


Lighting Repair Calgary

The Importance of Keep Your Lighting Intact

Lights. You don’t even give them a passing thought, until they go out. They help you to see your work, your home and your world. Here at Fluorescent Lighting Man we recognize the importance of quality lighting solutions to your life. Whether you. . .


September 2015

Why Are Bucket Trucks Important To Calgary Lighting Repair?

We’ve all seen bucket trucks around the city, whether we realize it or not, but do you really know what they are? Bucket trucks are multi-purpose utility trucks that come equipped with an extendable pole with a sizable “bucket” attached at. . .


August 2015

What Kind of Exterior Lighting Should I Get For My Home?

There is no feeling like seeing your home’s warm and welcoming lights after a long day at work or when you’re returning from a holiday. Outdoor lighting often takes a back seat to indoor lighting systems; however, they have an important function. . .


June 2015

Tomatoes the Sizes of Footballs: What Kind of Light to Use for your Indoor Garden & Plants

As we approach summer solstice, the days are getting longer and longer, which means there is a lot more sunlight for your garden! For gardening fans, growing vegetables and nurturing plant life doesn’t have to be an exclusive summer activity. . . .


May 2015

Tips on Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Fluorescent Bulbs

Tragically light bulbs don’t last forever. Even our own sun will fade away in several billion years. So until scientists invent an ever lasting light bulb, here are a few tips that will maximize your current fluorescent light bulbs. Wait 3. . .


April 2015

Calgary Lighting Maintenance

Our cars need it. Our bodies need it. Even our lawns need it. We’re talking about maintenance. However, when it comes to your company’s lighting system, maintenance tends to get pushed back until it’s too late. To prevent any lighting fiascos,. . .



The Truth Behind LED Light Savings

The word on the street is that Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are highly energy efficient and save users big time money. But do they? The answer is both yes and no. Like many questions that involve money, it depends on the situation. Fluorescent Man. . .



A Energy Efficient Solution: Compact Fluorescent Lamps

With falling oil prices in Calgary, your business needs to save on any costs that it can. No matter what the economic trend is, your business needs to become more efficient, and one of the best places to start is with your energy bill. At. . .


March 2015

Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting Systems

It’s springtime in Calgary! And in typical Calgary form, the weather is unpredictable. One week it’s unseasonably warm, then the next, it’s frosty, and if you’re not careful, the fluctuations in weather can damage your outdoor lighting. . .



Why Choose Fluorescent Lighting?

For many home and business owners, Fluorescent light bulbs are still a preferred choice when it comes to lighting systems. Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary installs lighting systems that use fluorescent light bulbs, which are more energy. . .



Recycling Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Tragically, light doesn’t last forever! While stars undergo supernovas before fading away, luckily, your fluorescent light bulbs don’t go out with a similar bang. But what do you do with your old bulbs? Most often, fluorescent light bulbs end up. . .


February 2015

New Calgary Lighting Plan to Increase Safety

Overview: Apparently it’s a hazard just to walk across the street in Calgary, as the rule “pedestrians have the right of way” seemingly no longer applies on crosswalks. A Calgary city councilor has brought to surface the alarming number of. . .


January 2015

The New Era of LED Lighting in Calgary

Overview: The light from the sun shines yellow, but when viewed from space, it’s a bright white colour. It appears that Calgary has taken notice and is moving into the space age! Read the following blog to find out about the city changing over to. . .



Why It's So Important To Maintain Your Lighting

At Fluorescent Man Lighting we’re Calgary lighting specialists and that means we know just how important it is to maintain your lighting. Do you? Lighting is something many feel they shouldn’t have to deal with and that’s why lighting. . .



How To Dispose of Your Old CFL Bulbs

Fluorescent lighting is a great option for many businesses due its energy efficiency and bulb lifespan when compared to regular incandescent lighting. But like all lights fluorescent bulbs do eventually stop producing light, and regardless of. . .


December 2014

Calgary Lighting: When To Upgrade To T5 or T8 Fluorescent Lights

Overview: Upgrading your business lighting can be a great way to save money on your energy bill, but it often leaves the difficult question: which lights should I upgrade to? You might have read up on the advantages of T5 or even T8 bulbs, or maybe. . .



Calgary Lighting Repair: How To Keep Your Lights Healthy During The Holidays

Overview: With Christmas and the holidays just around the corner, it can be easy to forget about your lights this time of year. But by following a few simple tips, you can keep lights in top shape and avoid unnecessary lighting repairs. As. . .


October 2014

Top 5 Seasonal Outdoor Lighting Tips

Overview: If you're thinking of lighting up your house this Halloween or for the festive season in general, then you'll find that a little goes a long way! To find out some seasonal outdoor lighting tips, check out the blog below. With. . .



Calgary Tower Gets New LED Lighting Installation

Overview: The famous Calgary landmark that you all know and love is getting a lighting makeover! The lighting system that normally lights up the downtown Calgary Tower is being completely overhauled and will be replaced by a new, more energy. . .


September 2014

What You Need To Know Before Installing Your Favorite Holiday Lighting

Overview: Do you have a collection of outdoor lights set aside just for the festive season? In this blog we’ll look at six different things you can do to make your lighting experience easier. The festive season is nearly upon us and not. . .



Choosing LED Lighting or Fluorescent Lighting?

As Calgary lighting specialists, we provide a variety of different indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including LED and fluorescent lighting. Both LED and fluorescent have their advantages and disadvantages – but which suits you and your. . .


July 2014

Service Your Outdoor Lighting: There Is No Better Time Than Now!

Summer in Calgary can be lovely, but as we all know winter is always just around the corner and before you know it we’ll be faced with another 8 months of snow. At Fluorescent Man Lighting we’ve had plenty of experience maintaining outdoor. . .


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