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Calgary Commercial Lighting: Boost Business With The Right Lighting Setup

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The right lighting can draw customers to your store, impact the way they see your products or feel about your location, and even affect their shopping habits. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your Calgary commercial lighting is up to date and installed by a professional.

Exterior Commercial Lighting: Storefronts Are Key

Your business’ storefront can be key to bringing foot traffic into your location. The right lighting can help ensure that your storefront gets the attention it deserves. Plus, a well-lit location has been known to deter mischief and allow customers to feel safer.  Your storefront window display doesn’t need to be overly costly, but it should be eye-catching and appealing throughout the entire day. A lighting expert can help you find Calgary lighting products that get the job done, but fit within your price point.  

When planning your storefront and exterior lighting, you should consider:

  • Using bold and bright lighting for windows
  • Targeting lighting towards the key parts of your display, and opting for lighting that enhances the colors, shapes, and texture of your merchandise
  • Minimizing shadows by avoiding cluttered display cases
  • Adjusting lighting between daylight and evening in order to ensure your store’s display is visible at all times
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Interior Commercial Lighting: Enhance Customer Experience

While the goal for your store exterior may be to grab attention and focus customers on your products, interior lighting should take a more subtle approach. It goes without saying that your lighting should never be in a state of disrepair, or too dim or glaring for your staff to work comfortably. Other than that, your first priority should be creating a pleasant atmosphere with your lighting. Nothing creates a blander experience than uniform ceiling lights in an unflattering, bright light. Not only does uniform, cookie-cutter lighting negatively impacts the mood, but uniform lighting can lead to fatigue and is likely to make your products or location look bland, washed-out, and uninteresting.

Layer Your Lighting

Create an interesting experience for your customers by layering lighting in different parts of your location. Enhance displays or branded signage with flattering light that is slightly brighter than the surrounding area.

For Example:

  • Adding clusters of lighting to your store can help you create the ideal shopping or visiting experience.
  • Wall lighting can help you avoid the harsh and uniform look of overhead lighting, and with LED technology, it’s a low-heat and low-cost option  

Showcase Your Products And Services

Always choose light that enhances your products. For example, items like jewellery, watches, and technology require specific lighting to showcase their details without overwhelming them. Similarly, if you specialize in clothing, hair, makeup, or other products, ensure that mirrors are lit in a flattering manner. Sconces on either side of the mirror, rather than harsh lights from above, can create the most flattering setup.

When selecting lighting to showcase products, ensure:

  • The color and texture of the item is accurately shown and enhanced
  • There is no strong glare and no shadows

Create The Right Atmosphere

Warm lighting can create a cozy, and welcoming feel, while cooler lighting creates a clean and hygienic atmosphere. When deciding on lighting temperature, it is key to put some thought into the mood that you want to create. If your lighting fixtures are visible, selecting ones that match your store’s decor and feel can be an easy way to enhance your location. An expert can help you choose effective Calgary lighting products that also complement your design.


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