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LED retrofits result in energy savings without the cost of replacing your light fixtures.

With the introduction of Alberta’s carbon tax, a majority of households and businesses are more conscious of their energy costs than ever. A LED installation is the perfect option for any home or business—a lighting system that uses 80% less power than your current one can go a long way in terms of keeping you on-budget.

At FM Lighting & Electrical, we know that for busy Calgarians, making the switch is not always simple. A full lighting design upgrade or overhaul can come with installation costs; require time for product and fitting selection, and create a disruption for as long as the work is underway. These costs and inconveniences can be a barrier to switching to a more affordable and energy efficient lighting option.

That’s why we offer affordable and convenient LED lighting retrofit options. This lighting solution involves renovating your existing lighting fitting to make them compatible with LED light bulbs. A well-executed retrofit will cause minimal disruption to your home or business and will allow you to start using your new and efficient lighting system right away.


Calgary LED Retrofit: Making It Easier To Save

The key benefit of a LED retrofit is that it’s not as costly as a full replacement, yet is still a strong upgrade from an inefficient or outdated Calgary lighting design setup.

The Benefits of Retrofitting Your LED Lamps:

  • A retrofit does not require your existing fitting to fully be replaced with led fittings.
  • LED retrofits allow you to keep your existing fittings, which can be especially beneficial if they are high-quality or unique.
  • The variety of lighting temperatures and styles available enable you to create a customized atmosphere for any space.


Savings For Businesses in Calgary: LED Retrofit Rebates

In addition to the savings you can gain from converting to LED lights in combination with retrofitting your light fittings, business owners can also take advantage of the savings offered by Energy Efficiency Alberta.

If certain types of indoor or outdoor LED lighting products, including retrofit kits, are purchased any time after March 24, 2017, you may be eligible for a rebate through Energy Efficiency Alberta. Contact our lighting experts to learn more about what lighting products are eligible.

FM Lighting & Electrical has over a decade of experience in the Calgary area and has both the tools and the expertise to conduct retrofits on outdoor and indoor lighting. In addition to standard indoor commercial lighting, our Calgary lighting team has experience working with commercial lighting including:

  • Bay lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Parking lot lighting


Savings For Homes in Calgary: LED Lighting Rebates

If the lighting fittings in your home aren’t compatible with LED products, you may want to consider having them retrofitted. In addition to the savings you’ll see on your energy bills, you may be eligible for rebates from Energy Efficiency Alberta. Contact us to learn about your eligibility for these rebates.


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At FM Lighting & Electrical, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right products for your lighting needs and budget. You can also be sure that we’ll complete the retrofit and led light bulb installation with our characteristic skill and attention to detail.

To learn more about the cost- and energy- saving benefits of a LED retrofit, get in touch with our experienced Calgary lighting installation team. You can reach us through our online contact form or by phone at 403-863-8529. Schedule an assessment and get a free quote today!

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