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Proper Lighting Design Can Be a Worthwhile Investment

Lighting is what can make or break a space, so good lighting is a worthwhile investment for any business. Lighting defines how we experience space, not just how we enhance it. Good lighting is worth investing in for 3 reasons:

  1. Good lighting helps generate profit
    Whether you’re a retail based business or an office based business, lighting is key to increasing your profits. Retail stores that use lighting effectively leave memorable, lasting impressions on their customers. Lighting can enhance your products, drawing customer’s attention to them.

    Lighting is just as important in an office environment. Research shows that high quality lighting improves focus, attention and productivity. Productive and focused employees are more efficient and generate more revenue. Good lighting also reduces glare and provides flicker-free illumination, reducing employee eye strain and fatigue.

  2. Good lighting saves money
    Office buildings and retail spaces often require a lot of light. Though this can mean a lot of money spend on lighting there are ways to reduce your power bill and save money. Occupancy sensors can make it so that lights in low traffic areas only turn on when they are needed. You can also integrate a scheduling system into your lighting system, so that lights turn on while workers and customers are present and turn off when the building is empty or when there is adequate sunlight. These small changes can save your company a significant amount of money and help reduce your environmental impact.

  3. Quality fixtures reduce long term costs
    While some people may be tempted to cut corners to reduce expenses it can end up costing them more in the long run. Inadequate lighting could make your store’s profits decrease and decrease employee productivity. Lights that are not on timers or tied into motion sensors waste electricity and money by illuminating spaces that aren’t in use. By investing in your lighting so that it is "good" rather than "good enough" means you not only save on your electricity bill but will also save on future maintenance costs and extend the life of your lighting fixtures because they are higher quality and will last longer.

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