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Tips on Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Fluorescent Bulbs

Tragically light bulbs don’t last forever. Even our own sun will fade away in several billion years. So until scientists invent an ever lasting light bulb, here are a few tips that will maximize your current fluorescent light bulbs.

Wait 3 minutes

One of the major complaints we hear about compact fluorescent light bulbs is that when someone flips a light switch on, the bulbs have low illumination. Don’t worry, the bulb is not defective. Compact fluorescent bulbs require 1 to 3 minutes to reach full illumination. Turning it on and off will only decrease its life span.

Don't put too many bulbs in a sauna

Compact fluorescent bulbs don’t function at their capacity when they are placed in hot areas or spots with low airflow, for example, recessed ceiling fixtures. If you need to light these areas, try to keep the number of bulbs you use to a minimum. These bulbs will need to be replaced more often than those placed in milder areas.


Compact fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them and shouldn’t be thrown out with the regular garbage. There are a few places that will recycle old bulbs for you. The Canadian government recently made regulations that lower the levels of mercury that can be used in the bulbs.

On & Off

One of the primary reasons some compact fluorescent light bulbs die out early is because they are used in rooms that have the lights on for less than 15 minutes. Frequently turning compact fluorescent bulbs on and off reduces their life span. They are best optimized in rooms that have the light turned on for hours or at the very least, more than 15 minutes. Closets and bathrooms often have the lights turned on and off in greater number than places like your living room and bedroom.

Use the tips above to maximize the illumination and lifespan of your fluorescent light bulbs. If you want to revolutionize your lighting system for your home or business, contact us at Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary today at 403-863-8529.

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