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Let There Be Light: The Importance Of Lighting Maintenance

Let There Be Light: The Importance Of Lighting Maintenance

Lighting maintenance saves you money by reducing your wasted labour costs, keeping your productivity up while ensuring quality work. If you run a business that needs lighting maintenance, it can be a large job for your staff to handle and it would be more efficient and safer to hire a lighting company to do it for you. Having your lights properly maintained is crucial for saving your business money. Lightbulbs that aren’t maintained can go out sporadically, and dirty bulbs use the same amount of power despite not putting out as much light.

Repeated repair expenses due to a lack of planning will cost you more money than getting all needed maintenance done at one time. Do your company a favour and create a lighting maintenance program with a certified electrical company.

Reasons To Perform Regular Lighting Maintenance

Don’t Lose Labour Productivity. When your lamps go out, there will be a decrease in productivity every time the lamps have to be removed and replaced. When this happens multiple times, it creates repeated moments of lost productivity.

Save Money By Saving Energy. Cleaning light bulbs and fixtures keeps them brighter for longer, creating less need for energy use therefore saving you money on the electric bill. Getting your lamps cleaned while having regular maintenance performed is a great way to ensure your lighting is as efficient as possible.

Outsourcing Labour Makes Work More Efficient. By outsourcing the labour of relamping, replacing all of the lightbulbs, either at once or as they burn out, your staff will be able to focus on other, higher-priority tasks and keep your revenue up. It will also limit any incidents caused by incorrect installation including any potential injuries from using lifts. Outsourcing also means you wouldn’t have to rent a lift or hire pick up for recycling the lamps.

Proper Disposal. Lamps need to be recycled properly since they can contain mercury or lead. Professionals will know how to handle damaged light bulbs, they have easy access to recycling, and they can contain and clean up any accidental breaks.

Be Sure To Have Proper Installation. When you hire a professional lighting company to install your lamps, you know that there won’t be any incidences of broken lamps and that all of the lamps will be properly installed and won’t need readjustment later. Professionals know how to properly handle bulbs efficiently and effectively, saving you from any incidents or accidental expenses due to damages.

Get Lighting That Will Accent The Space. If you have a beautiful space that you want to enjoy, let it be fully presented. Having a space properly lit gives it the right ambiance, and a professional can help you determine which type of lighting will compliment the area. Take advantage of your indoor and outdoor spaces with either warm lighting, soft lighting, bright lighting, or more. Allow your lights to compliment your space as much as the other elements of your home or boutique.

Call FM Lighting And Electrical In Calgary To Fix Your Lighting

With over 25 years in the lighting business, FM Lighting and Electrical knows how to save your Calgary company money and create maintenance packages tailored to your needs. We offer comprehensive lighting maintenance packages that include a variety of services to cover all of your lighting needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help you figure out what services your commercial space may need and can find an affordable option for you. If you’re interested in getting the most value for your business, call us at 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the contact form.


Q: Can FM Lighting and Electrical do lighting maintenance inside and outside?
A: Yes, if you have lighting both inside and outside we can make sure both areas are in top quality shape, even in the cold Calgary winters.

Q: What if I don’t know what the most cost-effective solution will be for me?
A: As your Calgary lighting experts, FM Lighting and Electrical can determine what solutions will be right for you by scheduling a free consultation.

Q: Can I switch my lights to LEDs?
A: You absolutely can! LEDs are a great source of lighting, as they save you money, are more eco friendly, and last longer. As leading Calgary electricians, we suggest LEDs for both indoor and outdoor lighting for your company so you can completely upgrade and get the best value.

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