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Boost Kids' Concentration and Creativity With The Help Of Our Calgary Lighting Team

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We’ve all seen outdated daycare decor in daycares, rec centres, and community centres. We all know that this doesn’t make for a fun environment, but did you know that bland lighting can also have a negative effect on children’s learning and development?

Most parents know the importance of good lighting to their kids' comfort, but the fact of the matter is, children spend a good portion of their day outside of the home. In addition to the time they spend in class, school-aged kids spend a significant amount of time in privately-run, or commercial, child-centric facilities like daycares; after-school tutoring organizations; recreation facilities, and community centres. It’s been proven that lighting can have a huge effect on mood, creativity, and sleep cycles, so good lighting in these spaces is just as important as it is in the home.

These factors are all especially important for growing children and teens, because they impact a child’s ability to learn, get along with others, and grow.  That’s why, in this post, we’ll be explaining five ways to install lighting Calgary children will love. Whether you run a music school, manage a rec facility, or even if you're a teacher with control over the lighting in your classroom, embracing the right type of lighting can result in happy, healthy kids, as well as delighted parents.

1. Good Lighting Promotes Comfort

Calgary, lighting can be complicated: we have long summer days, but much less sun in the winter.

Lights that are too bright can wash out a space, making even the most well-thought-out decor look dull and drab.

Bright lights and the glare they create can also cause discomfort. This is especially true when large windows aren’t adequately shaded during peak sun hours.

Even if you think your room isn’t too bright, odds are it could be: A 2016 Linkedin article noted that a large number of classrooms are overlit, which can cause discomfort, overlighting, and distraction.

On the other hand, too little lighting can cause headaches and irritation. Inadequate lighting can also be a safety hazard, especially in play areas for young children who do not yet have a strong sense of coordination.

The ideal lighting levels allow for exploration, play, and learning.


2. The Right Lighting Promotes Better Sleep Cycles

Sleep is essential to children's focus, growth, and development, which is why reinforcing a good sleep cycle is essential. Blue-rich light suppresses melatonin, and bright light promotes wakefulness. For after school or evening childcare services, light that is balanced between warm, sleep-inducing light and daylight blueness is ideal. Children will be well set-up for a good night’s sleep when they get home.

Similarly, brighter lights in the morning are also ideal for waking children up and getting them geared up for a day full of fun and activities.


3. Lighting Controls Can Help Set The Tone For Various Activities

Anyone who works with children knows that it can be difficult to get a class or group to switch gears and move from an active activity to a calm one, or vice-versa. Harnessing the effects of good lighting can help with this.

Bright lighting is ideal for test taking or focused activity, medium temperature is ideal for discussion group activities, and warmer lighting can create a calming effect after recess, or foster activity.

As some teachers have noted, changes in lighting can also help set up cues for different activities.

Lighting with multiple settings, as well as creating different “pools” of light in a room organized into stations can help with this.


4. Adequate Lighting Ensures Safety

The right lighting in a child-centric facility should also be built and maintained with safety in mind. According to Alberta Health, lighting in childcare-centric facilities must have enough lighting to allow for safety and cleaning

Your lighting system should:

  • clearly illuminate any hazards.
  • make supervising children easy by eliminating dark areas.
  • be regularly inspected and maintained.


5. Beautiful Interior Lighting Promotes Creativity

Lighting can also serve more broadly to create a playful, welcoming environment for children. Colour plays an important role in creating a rich environment for children. Lighting can help to adequately showcase decor, and can also become a focus feature in and of itself.

Our Tips

  • While bright primary colours are popular in children’s decor, experts suggest neutral walls and furniture with visually engaging pops of colour are best. Use lighting with accurate colour rendering to showcase the area in its best light.
  • Rather than using low lighting or lamps for visibility during naptime or in reading areas, daycare providers can invest in colourful LED wall tiles arranged in visually appealing shapes.


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