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The Importance of Keep Your Lighting Intact

Lights. You don’t even give them a passing thought, until they go out. They help you to see your work, your home and your world. Here at Fluorescent Lighting Man we recognize the importance of quality lighting solutions to your life. Whether you are illuminating the offices where your team works diligently towards a common goal, or the kitchen where your family gathers together for an evening of good food and laughter, lighting is there to illuminate. So when the lights go out, call Fluorescent Man Lighting. We all have different strengths, passions and goals, but we all need quality lighting to help achieve them. Our passion is our customers, and our goal is to provide them with services and products we can be proud of. That is why we offer comprehensive and hassle free repairs, so that you can get back to doing what is important to you as quickly as possible. So don’t worry, you are in good hands. No repair job is too big or too small for our expert staff to handle. From replacing a burnt out bulb to rewiring an entire building we promise to get the job done properly, on time and on budget. No delays, no nasty surprises. Keeping your fluorescent lights in good repair is not only important for keeping the lights working but also for extending the lifetime of your fluorescent lights, which reduces your long term costs. If your fluorescent lights are in need of repair or maintenance call us today so that your lights can continue to do their job so you can do yours.

As we always say, by the shake of my hand we will get the job done. For all your lighting needs, including repairs, installation, upgrading and retrofitting call 403.863.8529 and visit to get your free, no obligations quote.

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“​Hey Nigel, just thought I would let you know our electricity averaged around $630/month before the upgrade, compared with the September bill that we just got of only $370 – much better savings than we thought. The condo board members are extremely pleased!”​


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