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Fostering a Positive Customer Experience Using Lighting

Your customer’s journey through the retail space depends heavily on lighting. Proper lighting is not only functional but also helps set the tone of your store, which affects the customer’s mood. Lighting is also important for highlighting new or noteworthy products and fostering a good brand experience.

To help create an environment conducive to fostering a positive customer experience, different areas of the store require different types of light.

  1. The entrance
    A properly illuminated exterior is important for making customers feel welcome as they enter your store. Exterior lighting is also used to make sure your sign visible even if it is dark outside. This can be achieved either by using lights to illuminate the sign or investing in a sign that lights up. Lighting can also be used to create dramatic window displays that will catch the eye of potential customers walking by. Window displays are an excellent way to encourage potential customers to enter your store and purchase items. Using different types of fixtures, lighting levels and lighting colours you can create a memorable and compelling entrance that makes a positive impression on your customers.

  2. The sales floor
    Tailor your lighting to your products. For example, a book store should have strong light throughout so that customers can easily see book titles and read excerpts so they can find specific items and easily browse. A camera store should choose lighting that will allow customers to take good "test photos" when choosing a camera since knowing a camera takes good photos is the main selling point for most customers. Makeup stores should also be brightly lit, and any makeover stations should be equipped with flattering light so that customers are able to best judge which products work for them.

  3. Fitting rooms
    This area needs to be well illuminated so that customers can accurately judge the colours, textures and fit of the clothes they try on. This will improve customer satisfaction because customers will be better able to accurately judge the clothes they are trying on, reducing the amount of items that are returned to the store.

  4. Back room
    This area needs to be very well illuminated to increase employee efficiency. Staff need to be able to quickly and easily locate items for customers. This will improve customer experience by ensuring that customers are not left waiting while employees search for items, and reduces the risk that the employee will return to the customer with the wrong item.

  5. Tills
    Lighting is very important in the till area. Adequate lighting reduces transaction errors, which not only ensures that the customer pays the right amount but also fosters friendly interactions between customers and staff.

Lighting is not only important from a function perspective it is also important for creating a positive customer experience and help create an emotional connection between the customer and your brand. For more information on how you can use lighting to improve customer experience, or to request a quote, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting today at 403.863.8529 and visit

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