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Calgary Interior Lighting: FAQs about LED Lighting

Why make the switch to LED lights?

“LED”, or Light Emitting Diode, is a popular choice for lighting due to their long-lasting, energy-efficient nature, and a wide variety of color combinations. LED lights can be used indoors or outdoors, in signs as well as displays.  

  • The shift from incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs came about because they are more energy efficient.
  • This allows them to maintain the same level of lighting as an incandescent bulb using less power.
  • In order to achieve the same energy-saving effect, a conventional incandescent light bulb would need to be dimmed or would have a shorter life.

While LED lighting can sometimes have a reputation as being too harsh for residential interior lighting, the lighting temperature and shape of the light can be chosen to compliment traditional decor. There are also many options for more modern use of the lights that makes full use of the light’s capabilities.

What is the cost of LEDs?

The gap between the cost of LED lights and incandescent bulbs has narrowed significantly.

  • When shopping for LED lights for interior lighting, you might notice that they have a higher cost than incandescent or lighting options.
  • However, LED lights last much longer, and its lower energy usage will save you much more than the cost of the bulb over its lifetime.

How do LED lights look?

Some homeowners might worry about making the switch to LED lighting because of the impact that they feel that it may have on their decor. This concern is very valid: after all, the color is important to the decor, and light has a strong impact on this. However, there are many more LED options than you may realize. Talk to your Calgary lighting specialists or interior designer to determine which style of LED lighting suits your interior lighting needs.

  • LED lights come in a variety of color temperatures, from cooler ones that may be more like daylight, to warmer ones that provide a soft and welcoming glow.
  • Some are designed to mimic incandescent lights, but others, such as the “cone” shaped bulbs, are directional.

How do LED lights fit into decorating? Are they purely functional?

There are numerous ways for LED lighting to be incorporated into a variety of different decor styles.

  • If you’re looking for a no-fuss energy-efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs, talk to your interior decor or lighting installation experts about omnidirectional, warm lights.
  • On the other hand, if you’re looking to embrace the other characteristics of LED lighting for a modern, dramatic, or statement decor look, there are a plethora of available options. For example, LEDs can be connected to WiFi, with certain platforms that can be automatically adjusted to suit with the weather, or with the time of day.

Where can LED lights be included in home decor?

Bright, directional LED lights can be good for showcasing art or layering lighting within a room to make it more visually interesting. When planning the lighting for your home, be sure to consider the existing shades of walls as well as the surfaces available. This will help narrow down which bulb will suit your decor style best.

  • LED light strips can be a great contribution to home theater systems.
  • Coloured LED lights can be a display in and of themselves in a modern light arrangement. With smart lighting technology, this type of LED lighting can have a stunning effect.

Want to know more?

To learn more about using LED in interior lighting and exterior decor, contact our Calgary lighting repair and installation shop at 403-863-8529. For more ideas about lighting or for details about other services we offer, browse our blog.

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