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A Lighting Consultation Helps You Choose The Right Lighting Products For Your Business

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In previous blog posts, we’ve covered numerous reasons why lighting is key to keeping your location safe, increasing traffic, and boosting awareness of your brand. However, for a busy business owner, completing these tasks on your own can be overwhelming. This is why booking a consultation with a lighting expert is an efficient and time-saving way to begin your Calgary commercial lighting overhaul.


Why Hire An Expert Lighting Consultant?

1. Develop An Effective Lighting Plan

When hiring an an expert to help you select the right lighting products, Calgary business owners can expect to focus on making sure their basic exterior lighting requirements are covered. You can expect your lighting consultant to help you decide on lighting for key areas such as driveways and pathways, as well as gathering areas such as parking lots, patios, decks, and backyards. Keeping these areas well-lit ensures that your property is safe for you, your staff, and your customers.

2. Learn About Cost-Effective Options

Already have these key lighting products installed? A lighting consultation can help you determine the best power source, placement, and lamp voltage for your needs: there may be ways you can improve your setup or cut down your power bill. For example, with LED lighting, Calgary business owners can save on electricity and lamp replacements.

3. Add Style To Your Location

Think these basics have to be boring? Think again. A lighting design expert can help you select the most stylish options. For example, did you know that something as simple as a change in color temperature can dramatically change the look of your exterior lighting, transforming your business from unfriendly to welcoming, or from lackluster to crisp and luxurious?


Ask Your Calgary Lighting Consultant About…

How To Showcase Your Location’s Architecture

An often-forgotten aspect of exterior lighting is lighting to showcase your business' unique features. With commercial LED Lighting, Calgary business owners can easily show off their location in the best possible light. An added benefit of this lighting is that since the lighting is designed to illuminate your storefront or sign, it illuminates your property further without running the risk of light trespass on your neighbors’ property.

There are several ways to set up exterior LED lighting that focuses on your location, and a consultant can help you find the right option for you. For example:

  • Uplights located around the perimeter of your business are a dramatic way to showcase the texture of a business' siding, and looks particularly stunning for businesses with stone finish
  • Wall-mounted lighting on your business can showcase architectural details and create a crisp look
  • Different fixtures and shades, along with lights of the appropriate brightness, can also create larger, dramatic shapes along the siding of a building for a bold look that breaks up larger spaces

Showcasing Your Landscaping

If your business has lawns, gardens, or even a few small trees, showcasing these can be another way to make your location interesting and inviting. For example:

  • Subtle uplighting for trees and bushes can create a welcoming appearance
  • Cross-lighting involves setting up lighting from both sides, and can be an effective way of boosting light, while also adding an appearance of depth to your property
  • A lighting consultant can help you select the right style of lighting and recommend the most cost-effective equipment


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With commercial LED lighting, Calgary business owners can easily create a unique and stylish impression. The help of an expert can make this project as smooth and as cost-effective as possible. To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone at 403-863-8529, or through our online contact form.

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