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Calgary Lighting Installation | High Bay and Low Bay Lighting

Bay Lighting: The Overview

Bay lights are a popular lighting solution used in industrial or commercial buildings. At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our team can tell you everything you need to know about the differences between high bay and low bay lighting, as well as how to know when to upgrade or replace your bay lighting.

High Bay Vs. Low Bay Lights: Calgary Commercial Lighting Options

They are designed for different heights:

The difference between high and low bay lights is alluded to in their names. High bay lights are typically used when ceiling heights are more than 6-8m. On the other hand, a low bay light is typically used with ceiling heights between 6-8m or less.

They have different lighting purposes:

High bay lights provide clear and consistent light in open areas. They are frequently used in large gyms, factories, warehouses, and airplane hangars.

Low bay lighting is used in areas with lower ceilings. These can include areas such as garages, basement levels, and small storage facilities. These spaces require bright lighting despite having low ceilings.

They have different components:

Because they are designed to provide optimal lighting, but in differently sized spaces and from different heights, bay lighting fixtures vary by type.

  • High bay and low bay lights have different characteristics. A low bay light often has a diffuser on the bottom of the light. This spreads the light around and creates a softer and smoother light, which makes it better for a small space.
  • High bay lights typically have an aluminum reflector which allows a beam of light to reflect downwards to the floor area. Bay lights used in warehouses with shelving are often designed with “vertical” lighting in mind, so that it is easier for workers to perform their jobs safely.

Calgary Lighting Installation: Choosing Bay Lights  

Are you thinking of adding bay lights to a space? Here are some key lighting characteristics to ask your Calgary commercial lighting specialist about when choosing a type of light.

Colour Rendering Index

This refers to how accurately a light reflects the colours of an object compared to daylight.

Lighting Temperature

Lighting temperature is measured in Kelvin and refers to how warm or cool a light is. The colour temperature you are looking for might impact what kind of bay lighting you are looking for.

Energy Efficiency:

Bay lights can have many different types of lamps, and they are not all equally energy efficient.

  • Older metal halide lamps lose up to 50% of their light output over time...but don’t use any less energy as they dim! Both fluorescent and LED lighting are more efficient.
  • In larger spaces, building managers should be aware of how much of the lighting is being used needlessly. For example, it might not be necessary to fully illuminate a space if only one individual is working in a certain area. Smaller lights or lights that can be turned on and off independently of each other can provide flexibility in these circumstances.

Paying attention to these aspects of lighting before opting for a lighting installation in your Calgary building can help you from being stuck with a case of buyer’s remorse.

Calgary Lighting Maintenance: What to Watch For

The exact signs that your bay lights need inspection, maintenance, or replacement depend on the type of light you are using, as well as the fixtures.  However, there are certain basic “warning flags” that should tip you off that it’s time to to call your Calgary lighting maintenance experts. These include:

  • A long start-up time for the lights
  • Flickering
  • Excessive shadows
  • Light that is not spread evenly throughout the room

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