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Choosing The Right Ceiling Light For Your Home

Lighting changes everything and the position of that light is a key player in creating the right ambience to set the mood. Most people don’t understand how much lighting can affect their perception and feelings towards things. For example, white bright lighting has been known to be used in department stores as a multipurpose solution to the sales process. It ensures all products are illuminated but also stirs up slight restlessness, keeping customers moving quickly through their check lists – and in and out the door.

Contrary, when we are discussing home lighting, we want to take in different factors. Lighting can make a space look bigger, feel warmer and even transform a room; turning a bright food prepping station into a relaxing dining area, just by adding a dim. Choosing the right lighting for your home can be tricky and dependent on the paint color, wall structures and textures in your house. Sometimes, expert advice can ease the pain of trial and error.

Here at Fluorescent Man, we have been helping our customers for many years to make the process simple and easy. Have a look at some of the following tips and suggestions when it comes to picking the right ceiling light for your home.

Make a Small Space Feel Larger

Spreading light upwards across your ceilings using an up-light pendant lamp provides the room with a strong illumination and makes the space feel and look much larger than it actually is. Up-lighting tends to draw the gaze upwards, visually lifting your room. Also note to avoid big, lower-hanging ceiling lights, as they will accentuate low ceilings.

Workspace Lighting

Down-light fixtures are great for spaces such as the kitchen or home office as they down-direct the light to the ground. They work extremely well for lighting up rooms where reading, cooking and doing crafts may take place, as they are more generous in how much light spills down. Down-light fixtures are also great to use outdoors, take barbequing for example, as they throw light onto the grill with no harsh glare.

Add a Little Glam

Nothing expresses dramatic elegance better than a chandelier. Centerpiece ceiling lights are great for creating awe and applaud as well as providing larger rooms with sufficient lighting and can be adjusted to suit your particular mood by simply installing a dimmer.

Warm & Cozy

The last thing you need at the end of the day is to be faced with a harsh, bright light. Particularly for your bedroom, consider using a diffuse light, which casts a warm, soft glow over the room and gives you a perfect, relaxing atmosphere.

When choosing a ceiling light for your space, it is important to think about what it can do for your room, both aesthetically and functionally. For more tips on how to make your home glow or to find out how we can help you with all your lighting needs, contact us at 403.863.8529 or visit



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