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Calgary Bucket Truck Services

Unable to perform that lighting installation or repair job yourself? We offer a wide array of professional bucket truck services for all your commercial lighting needs.

For those ‘out of reach’ exterior lighting installation or repair jobs, FM Lighting & Electrical offers safe and extensive bucket truck services to commercial and residential owners across Calgary.

The exterior lighting team at FM Lighting & Electrical is committed to providing our customers with true professionalism and the highest standards, no matter the job size.

We provide the most cost-effective bucket truck service to keep your property safe and your commercial lighting system in good working order.


What is a Bucket Truck?

A bucket truck is a type of mobile, aerial work platform with a raisable ‘bucket’ for a technician or handyman to ride in. They are most commonly used as an effective and safe way of reaching high-up exterior lighting fixtures such as light poles or signs.

They allow exterior lighting professionals such as FM Lighting & Electrical to carry out their jobs more accurately and, more importantly, safely, and helps provide you with the best possible services, no matter how high up the problem happens to be.

Our Bucket Truck Service

FM Lighting & Electrical owns our own bucket truck: a multi-purpose utility truck equipped with an extendable pole attached to a large ‘bucket.’ This bucket is designed to hold a technician and raise them 35 feet (10.6m) into the air.

Our bucket truck service allows us to easily repair and install elevated signs and high exterior lights safely and efficiently and makes no residential or commercial lighting job too tall for us to handle.

What Can Bucket Truck Services Be Used For?

Bucket truck services for commercial lighting purposes can help you get fast, safe and effective service, no matter your needs. Our bucket trucks can reach up to 35 feet (10.6 m) high, allowing for exterior lighting repairs of light poles, banners and other structures.

With our professional team at your disposal, you can rest assured that your job, no matter the size, will be completed quickly and effectively.

Our bucket truck services can be used for the following:

Our bucket truck service can also be used to conduct general repairs or if you require any of our handyman services. This specialized equipment means that you don’t have to rely on rickety ladders and allows us to safely complete the exterior lighting task at hand.


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