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The Importance of Lighting In Parking Lots

Did you know, your parking lot lighting can impact your sales?

Does Your Parking Lot Have Adequate Lighting?

Landlords, property managers, and business owners devote time, attention, and resources to the look of the interior and exterior of their commercial spaces. They know that whether it’s a rental property, retail space, or office area, high-quality interior and exterior lighting design creates a favourable impression and raises the value of the property.

However, it is easy to overlook other aspects of Calgary commercial lighting design, for example, the parking areas. Even the most beautiful and well-lit building becomes less accessible and friendly at night if the parking area or lot is too dark or if the lighting is poorly maintained.


Don’t Neglect Parking Areas When Planning Commercial Lighting

A well-lit parking lot can help make a space appear more attractive. Both pedestrians and drivers are more likely to cross a parking lot to get to a business if the it appears safe and well lit.

There are many benefits to a well-lit parking lot including:

  • Attracts a higher number of potential customers
  • Lowers the risk of crime including vandalism, burglary and/or assault
  • Creates a safer, more comfortable environment
  • Increases traffic flow

In addition, this aspect of commercial lighting can increase the effectiveness of other safety mechanisms. Light makes it easier for CCTV cameras and security guards to get a clear view of the entire area, thus discouraging theft and vandalism.


What To Consider When Installing Lighting In Parking Lots

Lighting Brightness

Some areas require brighter lights than others. Ticket areas, doorways, and control panels require more light than surrounding areas. Lighting should also be installed along any walkways leading to and from the parking lot.

Lighting Placement

Along with brightness, the placement of the lighting can be important to making sure the area is fully illuminated.

  • A Calgary bucket truck service can assist with placing lights on pillars in parking lots
  • An expert can help you determine the best place in an underground parking garage to place lamps to avoid shadows or dark spaces between vehicles
Lamp Life

A lamp with a shorter life might be less expensive up front, but investing in a high-quality and long-lasting set of lamps will result in fewer maintenance and replacement costs down the road.

Lighting Control Type

A commercial lighting expert can advise business owners or commercial space managers on the most cost-effective lighting control option. This could include motion-sensing or daylight-sensing lights.

Minimizing Light Trespass

It is always important to have a lighting expert analyze a parking lot before adding or upgrading the lighting. This helps business owners stay certain that the light will illuminate where it is meant to illuminate, without disturbing neighboring residential spaces or businesses.

Commercial LED Lighting & Parking Lots

LED technology has evolved into many ‘white light’ applications including parking lot lighting and has certain advantages when it comes to this particular commercial space including:

  • Very good color rendering
  • Excellent system life
  • Higher initial costs yet better lifetime value

If you are considering LED commercial lighting, our handyman and bucket truck services can help you safely install and maintain your lighting products to create an appealing and comfortable parking lot.


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