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Beautify Your Home With Calgary Lighting Design

When you’re decorating a new home, sometimes lighting can be the last thing that comes to mind. However, as we’ve noted in many of our previous posts, lighting has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room. When you can adjust the lighting, the options are even more endless.

In 2018, consumers are no longer limited to switches and dimmers. With the wide range of different smart lighting products on the market, as well as the surge in popularity of digital assistants, consumers have more choices than ever. However, the array of options can be overwhelming. That’s why our Calgary residential lighting team is always ready to provide you an overview of how lighting controls can improve your home, as well as which products might be best for you.

Modern Lighting Controls and Lighting Products in Calgary

Lighting controls are the tools that allow a used to turn on, turn off, or adjust the lighting in a room. These include:

  • dimmers
  • remotes
  • motion or daylight sensors
  • timers
  • apps
  • digital or virtual assistants

If you’re still using plain light switches, you should get in touch with our Calgary lighting product experts for a customized assessment. Not sure if the upgrade is worth it? Here are three reasons to consider.


1. You'll Get The Best Value For Your Investment

High-quality lighting products are a must, but they are of little use if they aren’t serving their purpose. This is where selecting the right lighting control system comes in.

As the Architectural digest points out, “Sometimes people accept poor lighting conditions simply because the controls are not easy to access, or provide the wrong effect.” We agree that this is the case.

For example:

  • The new LED track lighting might make your stairway easy to navigate, but can your guests find the dimmer in the dark? Can your children reach the switch?
  • When you’re coming into your front hall with your arms full of groceries, is reaching for a switch or even an app in your phone to much of a hassle?

Giving yourself and your guests an easy way to control the environment through the well-thought-out use of controls like apps or sensors ensures that your lights will be used properly and to their fullest extent, allowing you to gain the most value out of your investment, showcase your space to the fullest extent.


2. You'll Be Able To Accommodate Guests' And Family Members' Special Needs

In addition to offering convenience, lighting controls that allow individuals to tailor the lighting to their own preferences can increase their comfort, their well being, and can even improves safety.

Different individuals may have different needs for ambient light: for example, seniors can require as much as three  times more light for reading than teens and young adults. Additionally, daylight can vary so much that lighting that’s adequate in the evening may be too harsh for the afternoon.

This is why, when it comes to living room or other gathering places within the home, our residential lighting team suggests putting enough lamps and lights in a room to create different “zones”, and having each of these zones controlled by either a dimmer or an app.


3. You Can Make Better Use Of Multifunctional Spaces

In the past, lighting controls were flexible, but limited to changing the brightness or timing of a lamp. Nowadays, your lighting products’ hue and temperature can be altered with the press of an app button.

Lighting can significantly alter the mood of a space, and optimize it for different purposes. For example, lighting with a warmer, colourful temperature is best for social time, while cooler light promotes focus.

Having lighting controls that can toggle between colour temperatures and hues is ideal for multifunctional spaces.

Your children might do homework at the kitchen table before dinner, or your living room might also double as an area where you do a quick home yoga workout. Being able to adjust the light from warm to cool and vice-versa can help you easily get into the mindset necessary for the tasks at hand.


What To Ask When Selecting Interior Lighting Controls In Calgary: Our Roundup Of Key Questions

The ideal interior lighting control system is perfectly tailored to your home. When planning your lighting design, you should also ask yourself:

  • Do the controls allow the light to be used in all of the ways I intend for it to be used?
  • If there are individuals who are elderly, have special mobility requirements, or are children, can they easily control the lighting
  • Does the lighting need to be adjusted based on certain tasks or functions for the room, and will the controls and other lighting products allow me to do this?


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