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October 2020
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4 Things to Look for in an Electrical Contractor

Are you looking to hire an electrical contractor for your residential lighting needs? Here are the top four things to look for when hiring a lighting specialist. Making sure that the electrical systems in your home are running correctly is. . .


February 2018
Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electric Calgary DIY Tips on Fixing a Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

DIY Tips on Fixing a Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

Do you have an old fluorescent light bulb that's no longer working? Here are some simple safety tips on how to remove your fluorescent lighting products safely. Fluorescent lighting has often been associated with the stigma of being a. . .


December 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Calgary Keep Your Lighting Maintenance Procedures Up-To-Date

Keep Your Lighting Maintenance Procedures Up-To-Date

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” might be a popular adage, but it’s definitely not one that you should apply to your commercial lighting system. Taking a proactive, preventive approach to lighting maintenance can save costs and keep your. . .


September 2016
calgary handyman services

Three Reasons To Hire A Handyman

There are several reasons why hiring a company that offers handyman services such as general repairs and installations can be useful. This post provides an overview of three ways that hiring a handyman can be helpful: it saves you time, effort,. . .


September 2015

Why Are Bucket Trucks Important To Calgary Lighting Repair?

We’ve all seen bucket trucks around the city, whether we realize it or not, but do you really know what they are? Bucket trucks are multi-purpose utility trucks that come equipped with an extendable pole with a sizable “bucket” attached at. . .


April 2015

Calgary Lighting Maintenance

Our cars need it. Our bodies need it. Even our lawns need it. We’re talking about maintenance. However, when it comes to your company’s lighting system, maintenance tends to get pushed back until it’s too late. To prevent any lighting fiascos,. . .


March 2015

Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting Systems

It’s springtime in Calgary! And in typical Calgary form, the weather is unpredictable. One week it’s unseasonably warm, then the next, it’s frosty, and if you’re not careful, the fluctuations in weather can damage your outdoor lighting. . .


February 2015

Home Lighting in Calgary: How New Lights Can Help Sell Your Home

Overview: Man has been trying to harness the power of light since the dawn of time. Fast forward to 2015, and homeowners have the capability of harnessing light via their home lighting system. New lighting fixtures can increase the value of your. . .


January 2015

The New Era of LED Lighting in Calgary

Overview: The light from the sun shines yellow, but when viewed from space, it’s a bright white colour. It appears that Calgary has taken notice and is moving into the space age! Read the following blog to find out about the city changing over to. . .



Why It's So Important To Maintain Your Lighting

At Fluorescent Man Lighting we’re Calgary lighting specialists and that means we know just how important it is to maintain your lighting. Do you? Lighting is something many feel they shouldn’t have to deal with and that’s why lighting. . .



How To Dispose of Your Old CFL Bulbs

Fluorescent lighting is a great option for many businesses due its energy efficiency and bulb lifespan when compared to regular incandescent lighting. But like all lights fluorescent bulbs do eventually stop producing light, and regardless of. . .


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“​Hey Nigel, just thought I would let you know our electricity averaged around $630/month before the upgrade, compared with the September bill that we just got of only $370 – much better savings than we thought. The condo board members are extremely pleased!”​


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