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Light It Up! The Benefits of Lighted Signs For Your Business.

Light It Up! The Benefits of Lighted Signs For Your Business.

Lighted signs are colourful and eye-catching. When done properly, signage can bring in new customers and elevate the look and perception of your business. There are many different kinds of exterior lighting, ranging from the classic neon signs, backlit signs, halo backlit signs, and LED screens with a variety of ways to customize your advertising. The best way to decide what type of sign, what information, and what colour scheme to use is to consult with a commercial electrician company once you have an idea of how you want your business front to look. If you’re interested in advertising all day and night, consider the benefits of lighted signs.

Lighted Signs: How They Improve Your Business

Always Visible. What puts lighted signs above other types of signage is how eye-catching it is at all times. This is especially helpful during the Calgary winters when it becomes dark early in the day. With good exterior lighting, your clients can still easily identify your business name and hours and passers-by are much more likely to look at your business when it’s bright and distinctive.

Clearly Shows What Your Business Is. Signage is incredibly important for letting your customers know about the business; the name, the product, and the general atmosphere. Using proper signage will showcase the name of the business, but it can also give a colour association and utilize other words and images that let the customer know what product or service you offer. Signs can also easily and clearly show your hours of operation, which many customers appreciate. Having a lighted sign and effective exterior lighting will direct their eye to all of this important information as well as to any product that is on display.

Customizable. Having a customized sign is a part of showing what your business is and does. Many stores have an “open” sign for their hours, but having signs that all fit the same aesthetic and that are made to represent your product can give the impression that the business is put together and highly professional. You can customize your signs by adding the company logo, choosing the lighting colours, adding a slogan, or making exterior lighting choices; your sign isn’t the only thing that can be lit up. If you want to light your storefront to make it more welcoming or so the front window is more visible, you can discuss these features with your lighting contractor.

Requires Little Maintenance. LED lighting has an extremely long life span so even if your sign is lit up 24 hours a day, you won’t have to worry about replacing your lights for approximately 10 years. LED lights are also highly weather resistant and will stay vibrant for much longer than signs that will become sun faded and damaged by weather. Once an LED sign is installed, it will require little to no maintenance for electrical or aesthetic purposes unless it undergoes sudden impact.

Fluorescent Man Lighting Can Do Your Outdoor Sign Installation

If you are interested in a one-time installation that can boost revenue and make a lasting impression on customers, consider upgrading your external lighting with a lighted sign. LED lighting is a cost-effective, low maintenance option for any signage installation. At Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary, our professional staff delivers only the highest quality service to meet and exceed all your lighting expectations and we will work with you to customize a sign that fits your business and your brand. For outdoor sign installation, call the commercial electricians at Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical in Calgary at 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form


Q: What is the best type of outdoor lighting to use?
A: There are a few different options that will last outside and provide the lighting effects you are looking for, but one of our best options to keep your costs down and require little to no maintenance is LED lighting. LED lights come in many different shapes, colours, and sizes to suit your exterior style and signage.

Q: What do I do if I need an outdoor sign repair?
A: Fluorescent Man Lighting does outdoor sign installations and outdoor sign repairs. It’s always better to repair your outdoor or indoor signs as soon as you spot a problem before it has the chance to worsen. FM Lighting & Electrical’s comprehensive maintenance program includes regularly scheduled lighting maintenance as well as handyman services that can include the upkeep of both indoor and outdoor signage.

Q: What types of outdoor sign installations do you offer?
A: Fluorescent Man lighting and Electrical in Calgary offers

  • Illuminated signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Pole signs
  • Channel letter signs
  • Lightbox Signs
  • Billboards

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