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April 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Effective Outdoor Signage: Boosting Visibility and Foot Traffic

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Outdoor Signage: Boosting Visibility and Foot Traffic

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, we understand the vital role outdoor signage plays in attracting customers and driving sales. With our expertise in crafting vibrant and attention-grabbing fluorescent signage, we empower businesses in Calgary to stand. . .


May 2022
FML - Blog - Is Your Outdoor Sign Still Looking Good

Repair Or Replace? Is Your Outdoor Sign Still Looking Good?

When To Repair Minor Damage Some damage is easily repaired and can make a world of difference to your sign. Flickering lights and burnt-out lights are the best examples, as they are highly noticeable flaws that will immediately turn clients and. . .


February 2022
FML - Blog - Light It Up - The Benefits of Lighted Signs For Your Business

Light It Up! The Benefits of Lighted Signs For Your Business.

Lighted Signs: How They Improve Your Business Always Visible. What puts lighted signs above other types of signage is how eye-catching it is at all times. This is especially helpful during the Calgary winters when it becomes dark early in the. . .


December 2021
How Great Signage Is Good For Business | Calgary Sign Experts

How Great Signage Is Good For Business

Help welcome your customers before you even say hello by showing them your hours, directions, products and company logo. Here are 6 ways that good outdoor sign installation and repair can help your business excel. Why Signage Benefits Your. . .


July 2021
Enhance Your Signage | Fluorescent Man Calgary

It Must be a Sign: Getting More Eyes on Your Business

Signs and Lighting to Increase Your Curb Appeal Much like buying and selling homes, your business curb appeal matters to attract potential customers. One of the surest ways to give your curb appeal a big boost is through an attractive and. . .


May 2021
Fluorescent Man-Illuminated Business Signs

4 Benefits Of Illuminated Business Signs

You’ve surely noticed those vibrant lighted signs while driving around the city. After all, when’s the last time you’ve missed one of McDonald’s iconic golden arches?   Your business deserves that same kind of attention-grabbing signage. . . .


August 2020
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6 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Electrician for Your Electric Sign Needs

Do you want to use electric signs to promote your business? At our Calgary electrical company, our licensed electricians can provide comprehensive commercial lighting services, including sign repairs, installation, and design, to meet all your. . .


January 2020
business signs calgary, neon signs, retail store lighting

3 Ways to Take Care of Your Neon Sign

Do you have a neon business sign? Here are some simple tips on how to keep your business sign clean and attractive all year long. For a brick and mortar business, a sign is one of the most important aspects of your company’s successful. . .


March 2018
Preparing Your Calgary Signage For Spring

Preparing Your Calgary Signage For Spring

In the springtime, many businesses see an increase in foot traffic. Additionally, if you’re offering new products or updating your services for the upcoming warm weather, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. By. . .


February 2018
Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electric Calgary Protecting Your Company's Signage Lighting From the Winter Elements

Protecting Your Company's Signage Lighting From the Winter Elements

One of the best ways to improve your company's signage is lighting. Whether you want to opt for traditional fluorescent bulbs or contemporary LED lights, here's how to keep your signage glowing 24 hours a day. When it comes to effective. . .


November 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting calgary 3 Holiday Themed Signage & Decor Ideas For Your Business

3 Holiday Themed Signage & Decor Ideas For Your Business

Our Calgary commercial lighting experts can help your small business attract more customers this holiday season with LED exterior lighting and customized signage options. The holiday season is upon us and more Christmas spending means more. . .


August 2017
Fluorescent Man Lighting Neon Signs Lights Exterior Outdoors

Neon, Fluorescent Outdoor Lights, or LED: Which Is The The Best Light Type For Outdoor Signs?

We’ve posted extensively about how lighting can enhance your business’ property and draw in customers. We’ve covered finding the right lighting products for your store, and why parking lots should be well-lit. Our post on why signage matters. . .


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