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Choosing LED Lighting or Fluorescent Lighting?

As Calgary lighting specialists, we provide a variety of different indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including LED and fluorescent lighting. Both LED and fluorescent have their advantages and disadvantages – but which suits you and your business best? Fluorescent lighting has long been a favourite for offices and workplaces but it does have some drawbacks when compared with LED lighting:


The lifespan of fluorescent lights is much lower than that of LEDs – a fluorescent light is estimated to last for around 9,000 hours whereas LEDs last closer to 50,000 hours. One of the main reasons that fluorescent lighting has such a low lifespan is its inefficiency when being turned on and off.

Energy Consumption

LEDs consume one third of the power that fluorescent lights do by needing less heat to produce the same amount of light. This means lower electricity bills and, because of the lower heat production, less money spent on A/C in the summer.


Fluorescent lighting is affected by temperature and if the light’s surroundings heat up or cool down at all, this can cause problems for the light’s efficiency. LED lighting does not suffer from this problem, as temperature has no bearing on its efficiency and this can lead to more predictable energy bills.

However, there are also many advantages to fluorescent lighting. The main advantage that fluorescent lighting has over regular lighting, including LEDs, is that it is initially much cheaper. Additionally, fluorescent lights actually last longer and give off less heat than regular incandescent lighting.

LEDs have many benefits but not quite enough to rule out fluorescent lighting. To find out which type of lighting is best for you or your business, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary today and you’ll be given all the information you need. Whether you’re looking for products or for maintenance and repair, Fluorescent Man Lighting does it all.

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