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How to Use Lighting to Optimize Your Commercial Space

Lighting can have a significant impact on mood, productivity, and even safety.  Redecorating or repainting a room might be a go-to idea when a space seems to be getting stale, but rethinking your Calgary interior lighting setup might have better results. By tailoring your lights to a room’s requirements, you can increase productivity and save time.

Calgary Commercial Lighting: Does it matter?

According to the Canadian Center For Occupational Health and Safety, common lighting issues in workplaces include:

  • The wrong amount of light: either too dim or too much glare
  • Poorly distributed light
  • Flickering lights

The ideal lighting setup for a commercial space varies depending on the room and the tasks being performed. However, in general the lights should not not flicker; should not be too dim for the task, and should not significantly distort the colour of the space.

Calgary Commercial Lighting: Boost Productivity, Help Prevent Accidents

In both industrial and office settings, lighting has a significant effect on morale and mood. For example, warmer lights are ideal for areas that see a lot of staff activity, because this colour temperature is perceived as being more welcoming or friendly.

Inadequate lighting can decrease productivity and jeopardize health and safety.

  • Lighting that is too dim has been linked to eye strain, migraines, and headaches, which results in increased sick leave and a more negative atmosphere
  • Additionally, it can be unsafe: if an industrial facility is not properly lit, workers could easily misjudge the shape, speed, or position of a hazard, which could result in a workplace accident or injury

Calgary Office Interior Lighting: The Benefits of Lighting Controls

There are many reasons why flexible lighting can help boost workplace productivity, but this post will cover two:

Sunlight can help keep employees cheerful and focused, but this can create problems in workplaces that use a combination of sunlight and interior lighting. While the lighting can give a strong boost in the summer, if the lighting isn’t designed to compensate for shorter and darker days in the winter, employers might find workers experiencing more stress and working more slowly. To compensate for this, employers or building owners could install lights which can be adjusted depending on the season to ensure a positive and productive atmosphere year-round.

Some experts think that allowing employees to control or adjust the light in their workspace can allow them to create an atmosphere more tailored to their work style. Since everyone’s lighting preferences are accommodated, it creates a more positive and productive atmosphere.

Calgary Interior Lighting Design: Dimmer Lighting To Promote New Ideas vs Bright Lighting For Analytical Thinking

The lighting levels of a space can help make it more suited to certain types of work:

Dim lighting creates a feeling of freedom, independence, and can also eliminate distractions. It gives individuals the feeling of safety that they need to concentrate and come up with new ideas. This is why dimmer environments are ideal for creativity and innovative thinking.

On the other hand, analytical tasks that require focus and alertness are best done under brighter lights.

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