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Calgary Lighting Maintenance

Our cars need it. Our bodies need it. Even our lawns need it. We’re talking about maintenance. However, when it comes to your company’s lighting system, maintenance tends to get pushed back until it’s too late. To prevent any lighting fiascos, Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary has a few maintenance tips for you to keep your lights running optimally.

Cleanliness is Godliness

Rust is a car’s enemy and for lighting system, dust is its arch nemesis. Dust that accumulates on lights can reduce their illumination by 10% yearly. You don’t have to clean your lighting systems on a daily basis; we recommend cleaning them annually.


Scheduling a routine relamping (replacing lamps ahead of the end of their life cycle) will keep your office or business properly illuminated. By having your lamps replaced near the end of their life cycle, you will save on unnecessary maintenance costs and the inconvenience of replacing lamps individually. Relamping can be completed by the office maintenance crew overnight or during the weekend, which will ensure there is no disturbance during the work day.


All dimming switches have manufactured settings; take time annually to make sure all the presets are programmed for your desired settings. Remember, there could be an office prankster that has programmed the lights to turn on in the middle of the night.


You’re performing the scheduled relamping of your lighting system, and you find that you don’t have enough replacement lights or the proper bulbs. Now you’ll have one office that is illuminated like the surface of the sun while the other seems like the dark side of the moon. Take inventory of your lighting system or make a thorough list of which lamps you need before you go out to buy them. The last thing you want is to have a box full of LEDs when you needed fluorescent tubes.

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