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Creative Ways to Use LED Lights for Indoor Lighting

LED lighting is energy efficient, which can save you time on lighting maintenance projects such as bulb replacements. However, LED lights are more than just an interior lighting option designed to reduce energy use. This post outlines several unique and stylish ways that you can include LED lighting into your functional home lighting as well your home decor planning:


  1. LED lighting for showcasing art and home decor

There are numerous ways to use LED in home decor, either to showcase art, architectural features or to complement your existing home decor scheme:

  • Pictures or images can be backlit with LED lighting for a stunning effect.
  • LED strip lighting or backlighting can be used on shelving units to turn your storage unit into a decor piece and display unit.
  • Furniture can also be lit using LED lights, for example, utilizing lighting under beds or in the bathroom can provide some visibility in the dark
  • Other designers have used LED lighting under couches for a soft glow in rooms that may usually be dimly lit.


  1. LED lighting for practical and safety reasons

In a well-lit area, it is easy to accomplish necessary tasks without stress or eye strain and to navigate the space safely. LED provides several energy-efficient and stylish options for both task and safety lighting:

  • LED lighting can assist with creating task lighting for cooking surfaces in the kitchen. An under-cabinet task lighting setup can be as simple as a classic white LED lighting strip. Alternately, you can go for a more modern approach and choose a LED light that can change color. This can be an especially bold choice when the colored light is designed to reflect off counter surfaces for aesthetic appeal. 
  • LED lighting strips provide a modern take on soft lighting around the edges of the mirrors: you get the functionality and glamor of old-fashioned vanities with light bulbs, but with a more streamlined look and more energy savings.
  • LED strips can be used to provide low-level, non-intrusive in areas such as home theaters. Some decor experts also suggest floor-level lighting on stairs or in children’s rooms can help provide clarity and safety at night, without creating the need to turn lights on to such a level that it becomes irritating.


  1. LED indoor lighting as unique decor

LED lighting can provide unique focal points within a room, just as a painting or interesting light fixture (such as a chandelier). You can create a unique lighting setup using an interesting choice of the color of the light, a standout light fixture, or the use of large LED lighting panels on walls or ceilings.

  • LED lighting panels on walls or ceilings can match the familiar color temperature of daylight and provide cool and energizing light. This is a great option for creating an even brighter and airier feel in rooms that already get a lot of bright daylight.
  • When you take full advantage of the options offered by LED lights, the possibilities are endless; you can choose motion-sensing or colour-changing options. Especially with a neutral room, the option of washing the place in a different color is an interesting way to switch up your decor or atmosphere without changing any of the physical decor pieces.
  • Floor-level under cabinet lighting can draw attention to room details such as a unique or beautiful floor, be it interesting tile or gorgeous hardwood.

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