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Calgary Residential Lighting Solutions: 5 Tips to Choosing Perfect Lighting for your Home

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Try an exercise: turn all the lights on in your house and walk into each room. While trying to remain objective, consider the quality of each light and whether or not it’s optimal for the typical activities that you do in each room. Most likely there’s at least one room with less than ideal lighting. If you’re like most people, there are a few rooms in need of an upgrade.

Lighting is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to dress up your home. The Lighting specialists at Fluorescent Man Lighting, are sharing tips on how to choose the perfect lighting for your home.  

1. Establish Your Lighting Goals – You decorate your home based on the tone you’re trying set and lighting is a huge part of the ambiance. Your home office and kitchen should have direct, bright light; where areas like your den or family room would require less. Determine the type of light needed in each room and then you know what to shop for.

2. Lighting Equals Security – Don’t forget the exterior of your home! Lighting is an aesthetic but it can also provide safety and security to your home. Exterior lights shouldn’t be too bright where they irritate your neighbors and they shouldn’t be too dim either. The goal is to deter burglars and to allow you to see outside at nighttime. There are a variety of functional and decorative light fixtures that can achieve both requirements.

3. Mix & Match Your Interior Lighting – Certain rooms like the kitchen or family room, may require additional lighting and you should have fun with the multiple options available. Installing recessed pot lights or sconces and using the assistance of lamps or under counter lights can add the correct amount of light and showcase your home’s character.   

4. Wattage? – Once you have determined the amount of light needed in each room, you can get the proper bulbs for your light fixtures or lamps. For instance:

Reading requires a 40-60 watt bulb 
Computer Work requires a 60-watt bulb
Makeup requires a 60-80 watt bulb

5. Consider Bedrooms – Guests and older children don’t require a great amount of light and there are plenty of options for these rooms; ceiling lights, lamps, chandeliers, etc.  However, nursery and smaller kids’ rooms need more specialized lighting.  Lights with dimmers and small lamps are more appropriate for these rooms.

The correct lighting will enhance your home and offer practical functions. These tips will serve as great guidelines when making purchasing decisions. We’re always here to help answer questions, order specific inventory and install! Call Fluorescent Man Lighting at 403.863.8529. 

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