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Recycling Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Tragically, light doesn’t last forever! While stars undergo supernovas before fading away, luckily, your fluorescent light bulbs don’t go out with a similar bang. But what do you do with your old bulbs? Most often, fluorescent light bulbs end up in the garbage and accumulate in Calgary landfills. Unfortunately, as economical as fluorescent light bulbs are, they contain mercury, a toxic chemical, that does not help the environment. At Fluorescent Man Lighting, we believe in taking care of the environment and recommend that you recycle your burned out fluorescent light bulbs.

Fluorescent bulbs are more economical and energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Recently, legislation that would have made it mandatory to recycle fluorescent light bulbs has quietly dissolved, leaving the decision to consumers. Furthermore, the Canadian government has implemented a voluntary code regarding recycling for businesses that sell the bulbs. Although the government is not going to make recycling of fluorescent bulbs mandatory, they have implemented a new rule to lower the amount of mercury in the bulbs. Only a few companies have started a recycling program for old fluorescent bulbs, and with consumers not knowing where to or how to recycle the bulbs, most of them still end up in the garbage. Currently, Rona will safely recycle and dispose of your used fluorescent bulbs.

Since the government has left the option to recycle fluorescent light bulbs to consumers, homeowners and business operators, Fluorescent Man Lighting is campaigning for all of us to step up when it comes to the environment. To safely dispose of your fluorescent light bulbs, take them to places like Rona and avoid throwing them in the garbage. Fluorescent Man Lighting advise our clients on scheduling relamping, which is not only a great opportunity to maintain optimal lighting for your home and or facilities, but also gives you a planned day to recycle your old fluorescent bulbs safely.

To find out how Fluorescent Man Lighting can change your home or business with a new modern and energy efficient lighting system, call us today in Calgary on 403-863-8529.

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