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September 2022
Rising Electricity Costs: How An Electrician Can Help Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Rising Electricity Costs: How An Electrician Can Help Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

How An Electrician Can Lower Your Energy Bill Energy Audit Most people use a lot more energy than they realize. While some appliances need to remain plugged in and turned on all the time, such as the fridge, the vast majority of electronics. . .


February 2022
FML - Blog - Call An Electrical Contractor For These Household Electrical Repairs

Stop! Call An Electrical Contractor For These Household Electrical Repairs.

Signs That You Need To Call An Electrician Frequently Tripping The Circuit Breaker. If you frequently experience blown fuses or your circuit-breakers trip often, your circuits are likely drawing more current than they can provide. Regularly blown. . .


November 2021
Tips For Choosing The Best Electrician | Calgary Electrician - FML

Tips For Choosing The Best Electrician In Calgary

You may need to do some independent research before selecting the right Calgary electrical company for the job. These 4 tips will guide you to find the most competent and qualified electrician for your next project. How To Find The Best. . .


June 2021
Fluorescent Man- blog - 3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Professional Electrician For Your Electrical Repairs

3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Professional Electrician For Your Electrical Repairs

Every home will need repairs and maintenance at some point. As a homeowner, you will have to choose whether to hire a professional to do the repairs or do it yourself. For some, the decision is easy, because they think they have the knowledge to. . .


January 2021
Industrial Lighting Calgary | Fluorescent Man Lighting Ltd.

Top 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Electrician

Virtually every business requires electricity for some aspect of their operations, which is why it’s always helpful to work with a licensed commercial electrician you can trust. From exterior lighting repairs to lighting design and installation,. . .


December 2020
Electrical and Lighting Companies Calgary | Fluorescent Man Lighting Ltd.

5 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Hire an Electrician for Your Lighting Needs

Do you have any residential interior or exterior lighting challenges? Whether it’s an installation, repair, or replacement, here’s why it’s so important to work with a professional Calgary electrician and how such a professional can help keep. . .


November 2020
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3 Benefits of Hiring an Electrician for Your Exterior Lighting Needs

Are you considering upgrading or installing new exterior commercial lighting? Whether you require a sign repair or lighting maintenance, here’s why you should always work with a professional electrical contractor. Exterior lighting is. . .


September 2020
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4 Ways an Electrician Can Help Lower Your Electricity Bill

Are you looking for ways to save on your electricity bill? There are a number of lighting services, including LED retrofits, that a professional electrician can provide that will make a huge impact on your costs, helping you save money. From. . .


August 2020
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6 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Electrician for Your Electric Sign Needs

Do you want to use electric signs to promote your business? At our Calgary electrical company, our licensed electricians can provide comprehensive commercial lighting services, including sign repairs, installation, and design, to meet all your. . .


March 2018
Spring Cleaning For Your Yard: Tips From Our Handyman Service Experts

Spring Cleaning For Your Yard: Tips From Our Handyman Service Experts

Whether you’re planning on using your yard for entertaining or as a relaxing family gathering area, it’s likely to need some spring cleaning after another one of Calgary’s long winters. Here are our top-tips for getting your yard warm-weather. . .


February 2017
calgary bucket truck services

Spring Home Maintenance

General repair technicians are experienced in completing many seasonal exterior and interior tasks. These range from setting up holiday lights, to helping you prep your patio for summer, to completing year-round repairs and maintenance. There are. . .


October 2016
Calgary bucket truck services

The Benefits of Choosing Bucket Truck Services

Three important reasons for choosing bucket truck services by homeowners and business owners in Calgary are: (There are three important reasons why in Calgary, bucket truck services can be useful for homeowners and business owners. ) Bucket. . .


September 2016
calgary handyman services

Three Reasons To Hire A Handyman

There are several reasons why hiring a company that offers handyman services such as general repairs and installations can be useful. This post provides an overview of three ways that hiring a handyman can be helpful: it saves you time, effort,. . .


July 2016
Calgary Flickering Lights

Is It Time To Call For Help?

Over time, your home can experience natural lighting failures such as unexpected dimming or bulbs that repeatedly burn out. Today’s blog will explore another common, yet potentially dangerous, home lighting emergency: flickering lights. It may. . .



Should You Hire a Handyman or Contractor?

Your list of unfinished house repairs is growing and you need a professional to help get everything done. But who should you hire, a handyman or a contractor? Both types of experts offer a range of useful services to help you complete home. . .


June 2016

How to Build a Home Theatre

In our previous blog post, we looked at 3 important reasons to hire a professional for your home theatre installation. The right expert can actually save you significant time and headache, helping you build a home theatre that suits your space and. . .



Calgary Home Theatre Installation

You’ve got a vision for your home: a state‐of‐the‐art home theatre that’s so advanced, you don’t need to go the movies anymore.  Or maybe you just SIMPLY want to mount your 55 inch TV on your mantle with a Bose soundbar, Wireless. . .



5 Ways a Handyman Can Make Your Life Easier

If you’re like most Calgary homeowners, you love your home, but you don’t always have time to take care of all of the repair jobs that seem to continuously crop up around the house. That spare bedroom that needs painting? Still unpainted. . . .


September 2015

Calgary Handyman Services: 5 Home Projects That Require A Handyman

Some people are just born handy, where others need some help.  Regardless, most people don’t realize that you can hire skilled handymen to help you with all kinds of general home repairs, allowing you to focus on more important things.  Hiring. . .



Fluorescent Man Lighting: Calgary’s Top 5 General Home Repairs

Homeownership is a wonderful achievement we all strive for, but it requires a great deal of responsibility.   As our homes age, the need for general repairs and home improvement projects increase. The good news is that most home repairs are. . .


April 2015

Calgary Lighting Maintenance

Our cars need it. Our bodies need it. Even our lawns need it. We’re talking about maintenance. However, when it comes to your company’s lighting system, maintenance tends to get pushed back until it’s too late. To prevent any lighting fiascos,. . .


March 2015

Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting Systems

It’s springtime in Calgary! And in typical Calgary form, the weather is unpredictable. One week it’s unseasonably warm, then the next, it’s frosty, and if you’re not careful, the fluctuations in weather can damage your outdoor lighting. . .


January 2015

The New Era of LED Lighting in Calgary

Overview: The light from the sun shines yellow, but when viewed from space, it’s a bright white colour. It appears that Calgary has taken notice and is moving into the space age! Read the following blog to find out about the city changing over to. . .



Why It's So Important To Maintain Your Lighting

At Fluorescent Man Lighting we’re Calgary lighting specialists and that means we know just how important it is to maintain your lighting. Do you? Lighting is something many feel they shouldn’t have to deal with and that’s why lighting. . .



How To Dispose of Your Old CFL Bulbs

Fluorescent lighting is a great option for many businesses due its energy efficiency and bulb lifespan when compared to regular incandescent lighting. But like all lights fluorescent bulbs do eventually stop producing light, and regardless of. . .


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