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Improving Workplace Safety with Lighting

Workplace safety is everyone’s concern, from front line employees to the president of the company. Keeping you, your co-workers and your customers safe means identifying safety concerns before they become hazardous. Ensuring your place of work has adequate lighting is integral to keeping employees safe. Here are 3 things you can do to help keep everyone safe in your workplace.

  1. Check the emergency lighting
    All emergency exits should be equipped with emergency exit signs that have integrated backup power sources. If the power goes out you need to make sure that these signs remain illuminated. Your building should also be equipped with emergency lighting in hallways and offices so that employees and customers can easily find their way to the exits without tripping over anything. Proper illumination makes it easier for people to exit the building safely and quickly.

  2. Ensure there is adequate ambient and task lighting
    Dark, poorly lit areas don’t just make us tired and depressed they also compromise workplace safety. Adequate lighting makes it easier for people to identify spills or tripping hazards and rectify the situation before someone is injured. Proper lighting also reduces employee eye strain and makes it easier to read labels, signs and other important documents. Especially if employees are working with chemicals or equipment, they need to be able to properly see what they are doing in order to stay safe. Places like workstations benefit from task lighting such as desk lamps so that employees can better see what they are working on

  3. Install good exterior lighting
    Proper exterior lighting not only keeps employees and customers safe from trips or falls in the parking lot, it is also an important deterrent for would-be burglars. Unscrupulous people are less likely to target well lit businesses because they are more likely to be caught. Good exterior lighting not only keeps your property safe but also protects your customers and employees by deterring unsavory individuals.

Lighting plays a key role in workplace safety. Proper emergency lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting and exterior lighting all help to keep you, your co-workers and your customers safe. For more information about how you can use lighting to improve workplace safety contact Fluorescent Man Lighting today at 403.863.8529 and visit

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