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September 2023
How Lighting Experts Balance Aesthetics and Functionality

How Lighting Experts Balance Aesthetics and Functionality

Lighting is the unsung hero of interior design, wielding the power to transform spaces with a flick of a switch. The magic lies in the delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality that lighting experts bring to every project. In this blog,. . .


June 2023
10 Exterior Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Backyard This Summer

10 Exterior Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Backyard This Summer

Exterior Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces Festive String Lights: Nothing says summer like twinkling string lights draped across your backyard. Whether you choose classic white bulbs or colourful lanterns, string lights instantly create a. . .


May 2023
How To Integrate Smart Technology Into Your Backyard Exterior Lighting

How To Integrate Smart Technology Into Your Backyard Exterior Lighting

Tips To Integrate Technology And Exterior Lighting Choose Smart Lighting Products: To begin, select smart lighting products that are compatible with your backyard needs. Look for outdoor-rated smart LED bulbs, fixtures, or lighting systems that. . .


June 2022
Upgrade Your Backyard Lighting With LED And These Amazing Ideas

Upgrade Your Backyard Lighting With LED And These Amazing Ideas

Lighting Tips To Spruce Up Your Backyard Path Lighting These lights are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Path lighting designates a clear footpath, which can help you make your way around your backyard even late at night. These lights. . .


April 2022
FML - Blog - The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

Lighting 101: The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

The 4 Main Types Of Lighting 1. Ambient Lighting This is the base layer of lighting that comes from the main light of a room, such as a ceiling light or chandelier. This type of lighting is used to flood the room with uniform levels of light,. . .


January 2022
FML - Blog - Lighting Design Trends For 2022

Lighting Design Trends For 2022

Trends For Lighting In Your Space Lights As A Focal Point. Lighting as a focal point is a classic idea harkening back to the popularity of chandeliers, but now it is expected to take on a new modern and adaptable look. Finding or creating light. . .


July 2021
Fluorescent Man Lighting & Electrical | Interior Lighting

How A Lighting Designer Can Transform And Improve Your Interior Space

What Do Professional Lighting Consultants Do? A lighting designer will accentuate the most important features in your space suggesting which elements require more lighting than others and will ensure the right products are installed correctly. . . .


June 2021
Fluorescent Man-Retrofits

LED Retrofits And Unique Customizations For Your Home

Gone are the days of extremely high utility bills and frequently required lighting maintenance. Technology advancements have improved, allowing for an affordable LED lighting alternative. LED lights have grown in popularity because of their. . .


May 2021
Fluorescent Man-blog-Outdoor Lighting

5 Way You Can Transform Your Outdoor Space With Exterior Lighting Design

With summer right around the corner and the barbeque season rapidly approaching, a beautiful, well-planned outdoor lighting system ensures you get as much time as you can to enjoy your outdoor space.   Exterior lighting has many benefits,. . .


January 2021
Residential Electrician Calgary | Fluorescent Man Lighting Ltd.

Top Lighting Trends of 2021 You Need to Know About

Do you want to upgrade the lighting in your home this upcoming year? Here are some of the top lighting trends in 2021 and how our licensed and knowledgeable Calgary electricians can safely and quickly meet all your lighting needs. When choosing. . .


November 2020
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5 Steps to Choose the Right Lighting Design for Your Home

Lighting is a key element of any interior design. Not only will it enhance the functionality of your space, but it can also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Here are some tips on how to pick the best lighting for your home from. . .


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