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Ford Chooses LED Lighting Installation

Overview: This year Ford Motor Co. begun a $25 million project to swap out its existing lighting system for LED lighting. For more information, check out the blog below.

Ford Motor Co. has recently started a $25 million investment project which involves the installation of LED lighting in their manufacturing facilities around the world. The project is estimated to save the company around $7 million a year in energy costs and is expected to improve lighting conditions too.

The traditional high-density discharge lighting and fluorescent lighting that is currently being used will be replaced by 25,000 new LED lights. The $7 million of energy that Ford is expected to save amounts to enough to power over 6,000 homes for a year. The exact energy saving is around 56 million KW per year.

However, reduced energy costs aren't the only factors that are convincing Ford to make the switch. One of these reasons is the reduction in maintenance requirements, as LED lights last on average for around 15 years. Whereas LED lights show little to no quality loss over the course of their lifespan, high-density discharge lighting and fluorescent lighting can sometimes need replacing as often as every two years. Changing to LED lighting also means Ford now has less hazardous materials in their lighting fixtures and due to the low heat of LEDs, there is also less chance of fire. Lastly, using LED lighting in the workplace also creates a brighter working environment with better colour perception and this provides employees with a better quality working area.

"We are extremely pleased to install this leading-edge technology in our manufacturing facilities worldwide [...] This is a long term investment in our future that highlights our aggressive approach to lead in environmental improvements and achieve operating efficiencies,” said John Fleming, executive vice president, Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs.

Bottom Line: Ford have made a large investment with their move toward LED lighting. The $25 million they have put into this project will take over 3 years to pay off and so it's a clear look toward the future. Will we see more businesses and offices making similar steps? There are many benefits to LED lighting but not quite enough yet to completely rule out fluorescent lighting. What types of lighting do you use in your office? Are you planning to make any changes?

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