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Whether its commercial, residential or industrial work needing fixing, FM Lighting & Electrical offers high-quality residential and commercial electrical services in Calgary, performed by certified Master Electricians. Our efficient, professional and friendly staff are happy to provide installations, maintenance, and upgrades to your home or business.


Why Choose Our Calgary Electricians?

Our Calgary-based electricians are fully licensed and insured. Our team’s Master Electricians have 5-8 years of experience and are committed to keeping up with advancements in the field. We’ve provided efficient and affordable service in the Calgary area for over 25 years, and our workmanship comes with a quality guarantee. 

We Offer:

  • Free in-home quotes
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Up-front, flat-rate pricing
  • Attentive, uniformed professionals

Most importantly, we scale for future additions. This means that any installations made are done with the expectation you may want to make additions or alterations later on.


Signs It’s Time To Call Our Calgary Electrical Contractors

Look around your home or workplace. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to call an electrician:

  • Flickering lights
  • Damaged electrical equipment 
  • Fuses or circuit breakers that require frequent resetting 
  • Appliances that affect the other appliances or lights when running
  • The need to use extension cords or multi-plug strips
  • Outlets are outdated or pose a safety hazard to children


Why Should I Call An Electrician?

While many home improvements can be undertaken on your own, electrical work requires a professional.

Doing electrical work without professional training and experience may result in:

  • Electrocution
  • Burns
  • Inefficient or hazardous electrical installations 

At FM Lighting & Electrical, we believe that safety is paramount. When you hire one of our experienced Calgary-based Master Electricians, you can be sure the work will be done correctly.


What Should You Expect When Hiring One of Our Calgary Electricians?


As part of our service model, we provide an in-depth consultation at no cost. 

During this process, we:

  • Examine your electrical needs
  • Recommend the best products to fit your home or business
  • Put together an effective and efficient solution
  • Provide a quote

The consultation is the most important step in a project. It allows us to assess the situation and ensure our clients understand exactly what the problem is and how we intend to solve it.


Planning & Design

A fundamental aspect of our work is designing a blueprint. After we have gone through the consultation, we carefully plan out the project from start to finish and design a cost-effective and time-efficient plan to solve your electrical issues.

  • Ensure that wires are laid in a way that allows for expansion or renovation of your home, later on.
  • Install switches and electrical outlets are easy to use and accessible.

Our planning and design process allows clients an overview of project steps, timeline, and costs. Our dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction is what makes us stand out from competitors.


Implementation and Follow-Up

Once the client has approved our plans, we order any required materials and carry out the project. Our team is always available to conduct any follow-up or maintenance that may be required.

About Us


Services Offered

At FM Lighting & Electrical, we offer all of the electrical services that home and business owners require, ranging from wiring for newly-built spaces to repairs to outlet upgrades and wiring upgrades for smart homes.


Surge Protection

We install surge protectors, appliances designed to ensure against voltage spikes in electrical devices. This protects your electronics and equipment by blocking any unwanted voltages that go beyond a safe threshold.


Code Corrections

We specialize in correcting any electrical issues and upgrading devices. Whether you're renovating or selling your home, you can be sure that our work will comply with the highest electrical standards.


Automation System Wiring (Appliances & Home Security Systems)

New homes are becoming more intelligent and require wiring that uses wireless sensors and internet connectivity to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This safely automates lighting, heating, appliances, security, and entertainment systems. Our team will then educate you on the operation and upkeep of your new integrated set-up.


Appliance Wiring & Installation

Do you have a new appliance? Our experts safely and efficiently install and wire all types of common household appliances, such as water heaters, and boilers.


Circuits, Breakers & Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers guard against too much electrical current running through the wiring.


Outlet Upgrades

Older homes built in the ‘50s and ‘60s used two-prong electrical outlets. If you haven’t updated yours yet, it may be time! In addition to increasing your home’s aesthetic appeal, it will make it safer.

Additionally, in 2009, newly-built homes, along with childcare facilities, were required to have a tamper-proof receptacle to prevent injuries to children. The 2018 code expanded this requirement to other areas where children may be present.


Electrical Panel Review & Maintenance

Our Calgary electricians can periodically check your home’s electrical panel for sources of trouble like loose connections, corrosion, damaged breakers, and debris such as dust.


Fault Protection

Our fault protection services protect property and your families from hazards that result from faults. We do this by installing devices that detect any liabilities. Our team is equipped to install equipment, circuit breakers, and other protection devices.


Emergency Services

Electrical problems occur at all hours of the day. Our responsive team offers 24/7 emergency wiring and home inspection services to help you address problems before they turn into a safety or fire hazard.


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