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T5 Fluorescent Lighting Versus Metal Halide: What's The Difference?

Overview: If you own an industrial facility, factory or warehouse then there's a good chance you're using Metal Halide lights. While these bulbs can produce some great light, they're probably costing you more money that necessary. At Fluorescent Man Lighting we're Calgary Lighting specialists and this means we're dedicated to providing you with the best lighting solutions possible in terms of both cost and performance. In this blog we'll take a look at how upgrading to T5 fluorescent lights can save you money and energy.

For many years Metal Halide bulbs have been the trusted standard for industrial facilities, warehouses, factories and other similar areas. While these lights still do a great job of illuminating your building, you can do better! Technology has advanced since Metal Halide lights became the industry standard and now a new breed of fluorescent lights are providing better light with lower energy bills.

Which Lights Should I Upgrade To?

One of the best upgrade options are T5 fluorescent light bulbs. These lights have a much lower wattage than Metal Halide lights, sometimes by as much as 200W. As a result, you'll save on your energy bill as lower wattage means lower energy consumption, and this means less money you have to spend!

Do T5 Lights Have Any Other Benefits?

You bet! You won't just save money on your energy bill with T5 lights – you'll get a better lighting experience as a whole. T5 bulbs benefit from modern technology and research and this means they suffer less light loss and provide an ambiance closer to that of natural daylight. Unfortunately, some light loss is unavoidable when it comes to fluorescent lighting, but T5 lights will only lose around 5% of their ability as opposed to Metal Halide lights, which can lose up to 40%.

Additionally, these newer and more advanced T5 fluorescent lights have a high Colour Rendering Index, or CRI, which measures a light's ability to reproduce the same conditions as natural daylight. Whereas old Metal Halide lights measure at about 70, these newer T5 bulbs have an index of 85 and this creates better lighting conditions and can reduce eye strain.

T5 lights also have an instant turn-on time, meaning they don't take time to heat up and turn on. With Metal Halide lights it can take some time for them to reach their full power and this makes it inconvenient to turn them off. With T5 lights there's no reason to not turn them off for short periods of time and this leads to additional energy and cost savings.

Bottom Line: If your business is still using old Metal Halide lights, then it's time to make a switch. By upgrading your lighting to T5 fluorescent bulbs, you can save energy and money and get a better lighting experience for your facility as a result. Upgrading to T5 bulbs also has a relatively quick pay-back period and you can expect to start benefiting from the upgrade financially after only around two years.

To find out how you can make T5 fluorescent lights a reality in your facility or building, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary today on 403-863-8529.

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