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The Effects of Good Lighting Solutions on Retail Sales

Lighting plays a very important role in how retail stores present themselves to their customers. Good lighting can enhance your image, help build your brand and attract new customers, all of which contribute to increased sales. On the other hand, poor lighting can drastically impact sales, as poorly lit stores tend to turn customers off  your brand. Poorly lit stores reduce sales because dissatisfied customers tend to purchase fewer items, spend less time in your store and are unlikely to return.

But there are more secrets to using effective lighting than just making sure the store is bright enough and doesn’t look dim or dirty. Depending on your space you will need to take into consideration how light will emanate from your fixtures and whether surfaces in your store tend to absorb or reflect light. To use lighting to your advantage you will also need to take into account the architectural features of your stores space and how they are best used in conjunction with your lighting solutions.

Spaces with very high ceilings like warehouses and grocery stores benefit more from bright, vertical ambient lighting in order to properly fill the large space. Lower ambient light works better for smaller stores, which can use a combination of low ambient light and dramatic accent and specialty lighting solutions to create a unique and engaging retail space.

Lighting that is used effectively can be a very powerful ally, highlighting specialty or featured products and separating products from the background so they really stand out to the customers. Lighting can also help you effectively showcase your window displays, drawing potential customers in and generating sales.

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