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Industrial Pendant Lights For Your Home

Add a little edge to your interior lighting design with this surprisingly versatile and always statement-making feature. If you’re looking for information on pendant lighting for industrial facilities and, check out this post.

What Is An Industrial Pendant Light?

Like many terms in home decor and design, “industrial pendant lighting” can mean different things to different people.

While this term definitely denotes the pendant lights used in factories and industrial buildings, in terms of home decorating and home lighting design, Calgary homeowners using this term usually means lighting inspired by the kind in factories. These types of lights are often made of metal that evokes retro factory lighting, and even includes bare bulbs in metallic cages or lantern-style glass shields.

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What’s The Difference Between Industrial Pendant Lighting In Homes And In Factories?


Function-Focused: You’ll find metal shades or bare bulbs rather than fabric-based shades and accents.

Durable: Even if it’s not meant for a factory or warehouse, home industrial lighting is often made of heavier, chunkier-looking metal than its contemporary counterparts. Even smaller accent lights have sturdy metallic components.


Different Specs: While quite rugged, industrial pendant lighting for homes doesn’t come with the durability ratings of actual factory lighting. For many homeowners, extras like dust- and chemical-proofing are overkill!

Vintage Vibes: Home industrial pendant lighting is usually more vintage-style than what you’ll find in factories today! This is especially true when retro fixtures are combined with Edison-style LED bulbs.


The Benefits of Including Industrial Pendant Lighting In Your Interior Lighting Design

There are several benefits of decorating with this kind of lighting, but for this blog, we’ll give you our top three.

1. It Doesn't Include Textiles

If you already have thick or wall-to-wall carpeting, plush couches, and throw pillows galore, adding more fabric to the situation could tip your room from “pleasantly cozy” to “downright stuffy”. Selecting pendant lighting and complimentary lamps that offer sleek, metallic lines can balance out your space.

2. It Complements Low-Key Spaces

A starter apartment or dorm room will be easily overwhelmed if you begin decorating with luxurious lampshades or ornate pendants and sconces. In this case, leaning into the industrial vibe will give your space a minimalist, curated air.

2. It's Easy To Clean

These lights are much easier to clean than those that involve textiles: simply wipe them down and you’re ready to go!

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How Do I Decorate With Industrial Pendant Lighting?

The interesting thing is that industrial-style lighting can appear at home in almost any design scheme.

  • It can “complete” a minimalist, retro, or urban-inspired home and apartment.
  • It can offer contrast and a little edge in delicate, plush, or ornate spaces.

When you take into account the many different finishes available for this type of lighting fixture, it’s easy to see that the options are endless. The array of choices is particularly beneficial for someone unsure if they want to commit to a full-on bold and industrial look.

For example:

  • You can tone down the severity of a bulky metal pendant light by selecting it in a fun, deeply saturated colour, such as bright red or blue. These options also work well in a children’s play areas.
  • You can add understated elegance to a very delicate and airy space by selecting industrial pendant lighting in warm rose gold or bright copper. Smaller pendant lights with more delicate features can also be a great way to add detail to your space.

Tip: If you’re decorating with bare bulbs or clear lampshades, ensure that the light is positioned in a way that diffuses the light rather than shines it into anyone’s eyes!

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Add An Industrial Edge To Your Home Decor Today

Want to determine which industrial light fixture would best complement your home? Get in touch with our interior lighting design team today. You can reach us by phone at 403-863-8529 or use our online contact form below. 

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