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New Study Highlights The Importance of Correct Office Lighting

Professor Dino Pisaniello from the University of Adelaide has recently raised concerns about various factors in the workplace. Among them was the length of time employees were spending stationary, as well as the quality of light they were working in.

According to Dr. Pisaniello, studies have suggested that long-term exposure to blue-heavy white LED lights can have a damaging effect on the eyes and that choosing lights suited to office environments is essential: "Choosing office lights in the warm spectrum, favouring reds and greens over cool blues, will be more comfortable for reading and may be safer for workers' eyes,” says Dr. Pisaniello. But all hope for office LEDs is not necessarily lost:“Today's energy-efficient LED bulbs can come in a warm spectrum as well as a cool, white spectrum."

It has been well-documented that sitting for extended periods can have a negative effect on employees' personal health, but office lighting is something that is often overlooked. Choosing the right office lighting can really make or break your working environment and if not done correctly it can have an adverse effect the health of your employees.

If you're set on benefiting from the energy-efficiency of LED lights then a good compromise can be found by using them for lobbies, corridors, stairwells, and other areas where employees don't spend prolonged periods of time.

However, for the highly populated spaces in your office, it really pays to choose lighting that sets a positive mood and promotes productivity. By looking after your employees and giving them a pleasant working environment, you will keep them healthy and motivated – both of which will increase you company's productivity.

Bottom Line: One of the many ways you can improve the working environment in your office is by making sure your lighting is optimized for the needs of your staff. As explained by Dr. Pisaniello, choosing the wrong lighting can have a detrimental effect of the health of your employees and so it is in the best interests of all companies to ensure that their office lighting is as optimized as possible.

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