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Lighting Repair Calgary

Our Calgary lighting repair team is available on-call and can take on any emergency industrial, commercial, or residential lighting repair.

Interior and exterior lighting plays a major role in how your customers, tenants, or guests perceive your property. Well-maintained lighting makes a positive impression, while broken and worn-out lighting can make a store, apartment, or home look rundown, tired, and even unsafe.

Plus, lighting isn’t just important appearance-wise. Properly maintained interior and exterior lighting is essential for safety. This is especially true for spaces such as:

  • Front walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Signage
  • Driveways
  • Home or industrial kitchens


Need a Lighting Repair?

Even with a regular maintenance routine in place, it’s key to schedule repairs as soon as you notice a light is damaged or deteriorating. After all, letting one dim lamp wait until your next scheduled maintenance date may seem fine...until other lamps begin to dim as well.

At FM Lighting & Electrical, our commitment to our customers doesn’t end at the lighting installation. In addition to providing customized and regular maintenance services, we’re happy to dispatch a lighting specialist to your home or business promptly, any time an issue arises.

Our team is equipped to diagnose and repair industrial, commercial lighting and residential lighting issues. In addition to extensive training, our team makes use of a bucket truck, which allows us to easily and safely work on elevated outdoor lights.

On-Call Emergency Calgary Lighting Repair

Sometimes, a repair can't wait and must be conducted immediately, even if it’s outside of regular business hours. At FM Lighting & Electrical, we know that a broken or malfunctioning light, lamp, or sign is always inconvenient and in some cases can even become a safety hazard.

That's why, in addition to our prompt repair service during business hours, our lighting specialists are always on-call and ready to assist with any unexpected lighting issues that may arise.

No matter when a lighting problem occurs, our team will be available to provide you with the prompt, efficient, and affordable service that we're known for.


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