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6 Ways to Update Your Home Lighting This Winter

Are you looking to chase away the winter blues? Follow these simple and easy interior lighting design tips to keep your home bright and warm throughout the cold season. 

Whether you’re doing it because your fixtures are old, or you want to adapt to the changing seasons, taking the time to upgrade your interior lighting design can have a positive impact on your space and truly transform your home.

From your bedroom to the  more public sitting and dining areas, changing up your lighting can have many benefits, including:

  • increased home value
  • lower utility bills and energy costs
  • improved visibility inside and outside your home
  • enhanced ambiance

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Chase Away The Winter Blues: 6 Interior Lighting Design Tips For Winter

Just because the weather is becoming colder and the days are shorter, doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate! Keeping your home feeling warm, bright, and cheerful until the return of spring is absolutely crucial to chasing away those dreaded winter blues.

Here are some simple interior lighting design tips that you can begin implementing today:

1. Maximize Your Natural Light. During the winter, it’s essential to make the most of any natural light that is coming your way. Use sheers on the windows for privacy, but try to keep your heavy curtains open during the day.
Tip: Hanging mirrors on walls opposite large windows will multiply those precious rays.

2. More is Better. During the winter, you’ll definitely want to increase your overall illumination scheme to make up for lost daylight hours. Add table and floor lamps throughout your homes, and replace low-wattage bulbs with brighter, more energy-efficient ones. (4 Benefits of Investing in an LED Retrofit)

3. Brighten up dark corners. Brightening up dark corners and niches with floor lamps or lanterns is a great way to chase away any gloom - especially during winter’s shortest days when nightfall comes in the afternoon.

4. Add some candles. Candles add a warm and cozy shimmer to your home, plus they’re really easy to move around, so you can quickly brighten up darker areas in your space. Lanterns are also very atmospheric.
Tip: Flameless candles are great because you can place them anywhere in your house without the fire hazard.

5. Invest in Task Lighting. During winter, task lighting is your best friend, especially in places that you can normally read or work without light - such as the kitchen table - during the spring and summer. Consider using the desk, floor, or table lamps.

6. Enhance your dining room lighting. If you normally eat dinner in the early-evening light, or at night-time, then it’s a great idea to amp up your dining room light in the fall and winter. Consider adding higher-wattage bulbs in your chandeliers or overhead lights, and use desk lamps on sideboards to illuminate your meal with a warm glow.


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