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Calgary Lighting Repair: How To Keep Your Lights Healthy During The Holidays

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Overview: With Christmas and the holidays just around the corner, it can be easy to forget about your lights this time of year. But by following a few simple tips, you can keep lights in top shape and avoid unnecessary lighting repairs.

As Calgary lighting repair experts, we know how easy it can be to let your lighting take a back seat this during the festive period! With all the fun and mayhem, it can often seem like there's no time for anything else. But there is hope! By following these tips you can help keep your lights in working order and avoid disrupting your holiday schedule.

Make Sure You Have Enough Lights!

Before anything can go wrong, you have to have enough lights to begin with! It can be tricky to estimate how many you need with something as unconventional as a tree, but a good rule is to factor in around 100 lights for every foot of height.

Check Your Lights Before You Decorate!

It can be frustrating to spend ages hanging your lights and decorating your house, only to find out that one of the lights doesn't work and needs repair. To avoid this, make sure you inspect your lights before you hang them up and if you find any defective ones, repair them before you take the time to hang everything up. Not only will this save you time, but it will also make your setup a lot safer.

Are Your Lights Weatherproof?

Some people might not think twice about stringing up their lights wherever they please, indoors or outdoors, but it really pays to know what your lights were intended for in the first place. When lights are used outside they are exposed to all sorts of elements (especially in Canada!) and this includes water. Without the correct rating, water could get into the wiring and cause a severe hazard, such as a fire or electrocution. Don't cut corners - get the right lights!

Make Sure Your Setup is Safe

When you set everything up, make sure there are no loose wires or cables lying around that may trip someone up. If you have cables that must cross a path or open space, try taping them down to lessen the chance of someone having an accident. Not only will this keep your visitors safe, but it will also protect your lighting too and make needing an emergency lighting repair a lot less likely.


Bottom Line: Christmas time is busy enough without having to endure lighting malfunctions, so any steps you can take that will make this less likely should always be well received! By following these four basic steps you can greatly reduce your chances of needing our lighting repair services in Calgary! Before you hang up your lights make sure you check for dead bulbs – even if they're new. Likewise, making sure that the lights you have are properly suited to their use and ensuring there are no stray cables are both important steps to help keep your Christmas lighting repair free!

For more information on our Calgary lighting repair services, or fluorescent lighting in general, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting today on 403-863-8529.

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