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Is It Time To Call For Help?

Over time, your home can experience natural lighting failures such as unexpected dimming or bulbs that repeatedly burn out. Today’s blog will explore another common, yet potentially dangerous, home lighting emergency: flickering lights.

It may seem like flickering lights are hardly a cause for concern, and sometimes they can be no more than minor annoyances, but it’s important to be wary. Did you know that they are the main cause of house fires?

Flickering is caused by loose wiring, which can lead to electrical friction and therefore sparks. Below are some of the reasons why your lights may be flickering and whether or not you should call in one of our experienced electricians at Fluorescent Man Lighting.

Solo Flickering

If it is only a solitary light in your home, it could be that the connection between the light fixture socket and the bulb is loose or broken. Either you have screwed in your bulb incorrectly or it is time to purchase a new fixture.

Fluctuating Voltage

A sure sign that your home voltage is fluctuating is when your lights flicker every time you turn on a large appliance. Other signs include dim lights and light bulbs that frequently burn out. If the flickering continues even after you have stopped using the appliance, it could be a sign of a serious electric issue and you should call in one of our professional Calgary electricians immediately to check the fusing in your home and make sure all the connections are tight.

Faulty Light Switch

Another simple reason why your lights could keep flickering is a poor connection between the light switch and the bulb. If it becomes a recurring problem, you may want to consider replacing the switch.

Loose Electrical Wiring

This is the most serious issue when discussing flickering lights because it is the main culprit of house fires. If you suspect that one of your light fixtures may be loose and want to check it out yourself, make sure to shut it off at the circuit breaker before removing the fixture to double check the wiring. If it looks loose, contact us immediately. Our experienced team of electricians understands that anything can happen at any time and we are always ready to help you with all of your lighting needs.

Never ignore lighting abnormalities in your home. If the flickering is significant or if you notice it has changed suddenly, it is best to be on the safe side and call an electrician for a home evaluation.

Want to learn more?

To find out more about how we can help you with the flickering lights in your home or any other lighting concerns, contact us at 403.863.8529.

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