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Industrial Lighting Safety Tips

Overview: If you are designing and installing a new lighting system or retrofitting an old one, there are key factors you need to take into consideration. For example: The age of the lighting system? Lighting levels? Where to place the fixtures? Lighting systems for industrial facilities is not as simple as turning a switch on and illuminating the work place. Read the blog below for information on safe lighting systems for large facilities.

If an employee needs to practice yoga routinely and stretch every time they service a lamp in a facility, then the placement of that lighting is not well thought out. When designing a lighting system or replacing an old one, you have to consider the maintenance of all the lamps and the safety of the worker that needs to service them. Avoid placing lighting over equipment and machinery that could put a maintenance worker in harms way. And if possible, it’s best to avoid placing fixtures in areas that require extra time to service or that need scaffolding to reach.

Industrial facilities often have heavy machinery consisting of several moving parts and can be a dangerous environment. Proper lighting for these areas is vital for worker safety. Too little light or too much illumination can create a hazard and that is why it’s important to choose the right lighting product.

Lighting systems designed for industrial facilities have to take into account that dust and dirt accumulation on light fixtures will hinder their performance. Because these lighting systems are often found in high places, it’s important to schedule annual cleaning of lamps.

Another potential safety hazard is when lights reach the end of their life cycle. Reduced light that doesn’t illuminate an area properly once again can create an unsafe workplace. A simple solution is to implement routine relamping. Scheduled relamping near the end of the life cycle of a lighting system (calculated beforehand based on the lighting used) will reduce both risk and cost for maintenance workers replacing lamps as they burn out.

It may seem obvious but when servicing a lighting system in an industrial setting, Fluorescent Man Lighting advises you de-energize lighting fixtures before replacing them. Removing power at its source or to remove power at the fixture itself can prevent any possible accidents. Installing fixtures that are non-sparking will reduce the chance of a potential fire and further increase the safety of a facility.

Bottom Line: Installing a lighting system in a large facility is best placed in the hands of a professional company. The experience that companies like Fluorescent Man Lighting have can spot certain aspects that you might not think of, like taking advantage of factory sealing where it’s available. Fluorescent Man Lighting installs a variety of lighting systems that will make it easy to maintain all the lamps in your facility. You might think that lighting design is for movie sets, but they are used everyday in workplaces like warehouses and industrial facilities. They need to be designed carefully to ensure employee safety and to provide proper illumination for workers to perform their jobs. Fluorescent Man Lighting designs and installs lighting systems that are centered on safety and proper illumination for your company.

For more information on the design and installation of a lighting system for your facility contact Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary, at 403-863-8529.

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