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Keep Your Exterior Lighting Bright With Proper Maintenance

Keep Your Exterior Lighting Bright With Proper Maintenance

Exterior lighting is a great way to get the most out of your yard while creating an elevated look, but regular maintenance is needed to ensure the space stays this way. Lighting can become dim over time and the cold Canadian weather causes wear and tear on cords and other electronics. Performing regular maintenance will assure that your yard is completely safe and that lighting is optimized, giving you continued enjoyment of your lighting and design elements. When you’re ready to do exterior lighting maintenance or to have a professional do it, here are some forms of maintenance to consider.

Exterior Lighting Maintenance

Search For Damaged Wiring
Exterior lighting maintenance helps your landscaping look its best, but it also functions as a safety feature. Your exterior lighting is at risk of developing issues such as frayed wired and damaged wire insulation. Searching for any damage allows you to find potential shock and fire hazards before it causes any type of destruction or injury. 

Remove Debris
Dead leaves, dirt, branches, and more can limit how effective your exterior lighting is. Debris can cover up your lights and make them appear dull. Although ground lights typically have the most debris, lights installed up high can also have bird nests, wasp nests, or spider webs blocking them. If you suspect there is a bird or wasp nest, get professional help to remove it.

Clean And Examine Fixtures
Your exterior lighting will likely get dirty, especially if the lighting is close to the ground or foliage. Take a cloth out to your yard and wipe off the lens of your lighting. If you’re able to, clean the internal reflectors. This will help to keep your lights bright while also helping them direct light effectively. While you’re cleaning your lights and fixtures, take a look for any damage including dents, breaks, corrosion, or burnt-out bulbs. If the fixture is broken, it could injure people or animals who bump into it. If you’re unsure where to get your type of light or fixture or if you’re unsure of the wattage, consult with a lighting professional.

Replace Light Bulbs
Turn your light on and look at which ones are burned out. Replacing light bulbs as they stop working will help you keep your exterior lighting looking great and help you see in the dark.

Look For Plant Growth
Your trees, flowers, grass, and more may grow over your exterior lighting. To make sure that your lights are not obstructed, you may have to do some pruning.

Adjust Positioning
Sometimes outdoor lighting gets shifted by weather or by plants or animals. Check to see if your lighting is still directed where you want it to be and adjust as needed. If a lighting fixture has rusted into the wrong position, you may need to enlist the help of a lighting professional.

Make A List Of Additions
As you use your yard, you may realize that your landscaping could use a little more lighting, or perhaps you want to update your landscaping. As you perform your maintenance, consider what things would benefit from an update or addition and create a list. Once you have an idea of how your exterior lighting could be improved, contact a lighting professional to have them install new lighting. You may also want to consider asking for the advice of a lighting design consultant and inquiring about energy saving features.

Help Your Exterior Lighting Shine

Regular maintenance is a great way to keep your exterior lighting looking great. If you don’t want to do this yourself, a lighting professional can perform maintenance that assures safety and function throughout your landscaping. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your current external lighting or you want to upgrade your lighting, the lighting experts at Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electrical can make your landscaping look wonderful. Our team of lighting experts will consult with you and work together to create an effective and beautiful lighting design that elevates your space and we will perform maintenance that lets you keep your space looking new and bright. To schedule a free consultation with a Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical lighting contractor, call 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Do I have to hire a lighting expert for my exterior lighting?
A: You can install outdoor lighting on your own, but you will not be getting the same results as a professional would. A professional outdoor lighting contractor will make sure that the products are within your budget and of high quality and place them in the best locations for amplified effect.

Q: Is it beneficial to get outdoor motion sensor lights?
A: Yes! Motion sensors will allow you to save enormous amounts of money on your energy bill because they only illuminate when a motion is detected. They also save you from needing to remember to turn your exterior lighting on when you leave the house during the day for when you come back at night.

Q: Should I get LED exterior lights?
A: LED lighting offers many benefits for exterior lighting. They are low-cost, energy-saving, brighter than traditional lighting, and require very little maintenance.

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